Our Team

GreeneStone’s staff are made up of those who are passionate about helping others and are dedicated to working together to ensure that residents have the comforts as they are away from their homes and their loved ones. This includes staff from housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen, nursing, medical, clinical, admissions and administrative departments.

The multi-disciplinary team at GreeneStone consists of regulated health professionals, mental health professionals, addiction certified workers, and specialists. Aside from having a medical team that consists of an addiction physician there are nurse practitioners and nursing staff to oversee physical health and medication concerns in the context of their struggles with addiction and mental health.

Residents who have completed the treatment program and their exit surveys have rated their satisfaction level of their counselling sessions with their primary therapists at GreeneStone a 4.8 out of 5 consistently for the past few years, and other program components a 4.5 and higher.

GreeneStone has a spiritual therapist and a trauma therapist who also provide education and support for residents in the context of their struggles with addiction and other mental health issues.

Massage, swimming, yoga, walking, meditation and physical fitness are also program components to ensure that residents have the balance of the five intelligences/competencies that are the pillars of the GreeneStone holistic approach (cognitive, emotional, relational, physical and spiritual).