Alcohol Counseling and Support Groups in Continuing Care

Integration to everyday life can often be a difficult transition post residential treatment. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to make a seamless entry back to your home, family, and workplace.

Family Support and Recovery Groups

GreeneStone offers counselling services for those who have completed a residential treatment program or intensive outpatient program and wish to enhance their plan for the future.

The encouragement and support of peers within a group context are valuable tools in the maintenance of any recovery plan.

For clients who have 30 days clean/sober time.

Continuing Care Program Services

GreeneStone and Dalton Associates are committed to supporting your continued mental health after you have completed the residential addictions treatment program through GreeneStone. As such, we offer all clients a comprehensive continuing care program to help you maintain the momentum you’ve gained towards sustainable mental, physical and social wellbeing in your life. We understand that every person will have unique needs when it comes to continuing care. GreeneStone and Dalton Associates will customize your mental health therapy to ensure the sessions are tailored to support your ongoing progress and goals towards mental, physical and social wellbeing.

  • Assigned mental health case manager through Dalton Associates
  • Seamless transition into continuing care through a teleconference meeting between yourself, GreeneStone and Dalton Associates to discuss your progress and goals moving forward
  • Choice of a qualified mental health therapist, based on your location and needs
  • Tailored mental health care plan
  • 4-6 mental health therapy sessions, to be used within 1-year post-treatment, included in the treatment package for all GreeneStone clients extended through Dalton Associates
  • 3 check-in telephone calls by Dalton Associates, within 1-year post-treatment
  • Seamless transition into additional psychological and mental health services (e.g., psychological assessment, ongoing therapy, etc.), covered by most extended health care benefit/insurance plans
  • Advocacy, and regular contact throughout your involvement in the program