GreeneStone Muskoka holistic substance abuse rehabilitation

  • Focus on recovering your mind, body, emotional, relational and spiritual self.
  • Mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation for increased self awareness.

Medical Director, Dr. William Jacyk, MD, FRCPC speaks about the domains that are crucial to the
recovery process. Whether you are recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction or poly substances,
it is important to approach treatment in a holistic manner balancing the five intelligences/competencies; Cognitive,
Emotional, Physical, Relational and Spiritual. Mindfulness practice is also essential on the road to recovery. Developing resilience is
especially beneficial when individuals are faced with stressful situations.

Cognitive: The ability to reason, plan and solve problems using critical thinking. Our decision-making skills can be affected during addiction, making it imperative to repair these systems.
Emotional: Our emotional intelligence is our ability to understand our own and other’s feelings and emotions. Addiction often masks the emotions and when we become sober we can become overwhelmed. GreeneStone helps to manage those emotions effectively.
Physical: A toll is take on the physical body during addiction. GreeneStone helps to repair the body’s function to return it to a state of balance.
Relational: Addiction often disconnects us from others. GreeneStone helps repair your relational intelligence, allowing you to reconstruct broken relationships and forge new ones through improved social interaction.
Spiritual: Spirituality can mean many different things to many different people. GreeneStone will help determine how your spirituality is aligned and how we can re-establish that part of you.

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