Dr. Anita Teslak

VP Residential Services, GreeneStone Muskoka

Dr. Anita Teslak is the VP of GreeneStone Clinic Muskoka which is a division of Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC) since February 2017. Dr. Teslak is one of the original founders of GreeneStone Residential Treatment facility which opened its doors in July 2011. She has managed the operations and its growth since its inception. Dr. Teslak has over 30 years of experience including executive coaching, consulting, counselling, trauma debriefings, teaching in College and Universities and providing workshops within organizations. She has held various leadership roles in the EAP industry and was previously the CEO of Adler School of Psychology. Anita approaches business with balancing both fiscal and social responsibilities.

Dr. Teslak has sat on multiple boards and most recently served on the board of the Psychology Foundation of Canada where she was chair of the workplace committee. Her work has been published in the Individual Journal of Psychology and has written articles for various magazines. Anita Teslak C. Psych. is a registered Psychologist in Ontario and is in good standing with the college and the Ontario Psychological Association.

The only way to take something on; is with your heart, head and spirit –  at times things may seem insurmountable but if you chip away and are patient, steadfast and stay true to the plan; the destination far reaches one’s being”.

She enjoys time with her daughter’s and likes to cook, play squash, swim, and toodle around on her e-Scooter.


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