Family Care Program at GreeneStone

GreeneStone health care professionals believe that families and loved ones are crucial to clients’ on-going success in their recovery. Relationships are often impacted and this is the time that families and loved ones would benefit from taking a pause by take a closer look at themselves, and the dynamics in relationships while loved ones are in treatment. Feelings of anger, disappointment, hurt, abandonment, sadness, blame, frustration etc., are all common to those who live with those struggling with addiction and mental health.

Upon the completion of the residential treatment program, clients will need to integrate back to their daily lives and relationships. GreeneStone strongly encourages family members and loved ones to engage in any of the family care components to ensure a healthier re-integration.
GreeneStone offers family education, consultation, group therapy, and family counselling.

Family visits are important and allow the resident and family to begin the process of improving their communication and healing relationships.

Visits to home prior to discharge provide the resident with an opportunity to practice skills they have learned and allow the family to see progress and prepare for the transition.

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