Family Support

GreeneStone provides an education session that is held on Sundays at the treatment facility. This session is offered to all family members and loved ones
who wish to gain a better understanding of addictions. It is important that family members and loved ones gain the support they require during the time that their family
member or friend is in treatment. When a family member or friend enters into treatment and is absent from their day to day interactions, it gives both the one in treatment and the ones not in
treatment to explore what this may mean moving forward. It is also important to prepare oneself for when treatment has been completed so that the integration back to day to day tasks, relationships
and community involvement are healthier . We know all too quickly if we are not prepared in a healthy manner this could lead to misunderstandings, further strained relationships, unhealthy dynamics which could lead to relapse.

GreeneStone provides an opportunity for families to participate in family sessions with a counsellor as well as group sessions with other families who are experiencing the same challenges.

Role of the Family and Support Network

We provide classes and counseling sessions for family education to educate them about the disease and to educate and develop an understanding of what the needs are of those who will be returning home.
By creating an informed support system, the prospects are enhanced that the resident will not revert to his or her earlier habits. This also allows the person’s support network to have increased confidence in their ability
to participate in the recovery efforts in a helpful and healthy way.

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