Comprehensive Assessment at GreeneStone

Our doctors and nurses medically supervise the residents through the initial stages of the stabilization process. Often, medications can be given to relieve or lessen the discomfort, while medical personnel will guide the person through the difficult process of awakening in a sober environment.

A comprehensive assessment is conducted with residents to determine their readiness to change and their goals of their overall treatment plan. Challenges and concerns are identified that are taken into consideration for their overall success. Therefore, even at the time of admission, we will begin the process of considering an appropriate treatment, discharge and transition plan.

Co-Occurring Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders are psychiatric disorders or medical problems that are often seen in people who have addictions. These may include mood or anxiety disorders, eating disorders, or even chronic pain. At GreeneStone each resident is assessed to identify any concurrent issues and will be treated accordingly. Throughout their stay at GreeneStone, we continually reassess our residents and their responses to their individualized treatment plan. When indicated, we will adjust the treatment to best help our residents. Recognizing that every individual presents with a unique set of circumstances and that modifications are often required through the duration of the program is essential to the individuals success. We can then best assure that they are receiving the best possible treatment available. GreeneStone prides itself in offering a comprehensive and individualized treatment program.

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