Meals at GreeneStone

Diet and nutrition are foundations for good health. Our Red Seal Certified Chef will ensure that meals will be healthy and well balanced as residents strive to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

During your stay, you can access delicious and nutritious meals at our dining facility. GreeneStone offers healthy and nourishing meals featuring fresh, local, sustainable and organic ingredients, many of which are grown in our own seasonal gardens. The menu features multicultural flavours focused on dietary wellness and nutrition. Fresh fish, seafood, poultry and low-fat meat selections as well as vegan and raw food alternatives are available.


GreeneStone is known for the quality dining experience it provides. GreeneStone has 3 set meal times throughout the day for residents. Residents will gather together in the beautiful bright dining area with linens.

GreeneStone’s Red Seal Certified chef prepares all meals in accordance with the Canadian food guide to ensure a well-balanced nutritional diet. It is essential for all residents who struggle with alcohol and or drug addiction along with other mental health concerns to maintain good physical health. Maintaining optimal physical health includes proper sleep habits, exercise, meditation and a proper nutritional diet.

Any allergies and or food restrictions are noted upon intake so that the kitchen staff are prepared to meet the needs of all individual residents.

Healthy snacks are available throughout the day and are easily accessible.

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