Throughout his 30-year career, Jim has worked with youth at the Yorklea Detention Centre and young people on the street through Covenant House and Central Toronto Youth Services. For 20 years, Jim was a child and youth therapist at a clinic where he ran the group program and developed a specialized group treatment model for working with anxious children and their parents.

During this time Jim was part of a collective that brought together agencies from across Toronto to run treatment groups for children, teens, and adults who had experienced sexual abuse. This collective provided innovative monthly training for 20 years by assembling subject matter experts from across Canada and the United States. It was with this organization that Jim helped to develop, supervise, and then lead an outpatient treatment group for men who had experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Jim is trained in CBT, CPT, Brief Solution Focus Therapy, Narrative Therapy, non-violent crisis intervention, suicide prevention, and various types of psychotherapy. His trauma work now extends to include military, police, and first responders.

Jim has developed and presented many different workshops across Canada including working with the Inuit in the high Arctic. He is the author of Creating Courage: Search & Rescue, a manual on anxiety and trauma.

Jim Hall, Trauma Therapist