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Holistic Rehabilitation Centre in Ontario

GreeneStone Muskoka – One of the best rehab centers in ontario is located at:
3571 Muskoka District Road 169, Bala, ON P0C 1A0.

We are set in one of the most tranquil and naturally beautiful regions of Ontario, Canada. The treatment facility is surrounded by nature on 43 acres of land, making it the place anyone would want to grow, heal and recover. Residents who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction, along with other mental health concerns, enjoy the tranquility and peace they find at our addiction treatment center. For individuals dealing with the trauma of war or similar severely stressful events, embracing nature and being outdoors is refreshing and grounding. The local scenery of beautiful Muskoka enhances the overall PTSD treatment, alcohol rehab and addiction treatment and recovery experience for our residents making it one of the best rehab centers in ontario.

Addiction Treatment in a Beautiful Muskoka Setting

The idyllic setting and amenities ensure that your experience at GreeneStone will be comforting, motivating and positive. We provide all that you might need on the road to recovery. Our team strives to provide a world class experience for every individual and family seeking our services for addiction and PTSD treatment.

These are some of the benefits we provide, so you may enjoy a truly comprehensive treatment experience in one of the best rehab centers in ontario:

  • Dining: Diet and nutrition are foundations for good health. Our kitchen staff provide you with a delicious array of foods in health eating, which you can continue to follow once you return home.
  • Fitness and Recreation: We encourage residents to take advantage of our fitness and recreation facilities. By exploring these options during their free time, residents may increase their overall physical health and well-being.
  • Yoga and Meditation: In addition to three weekly yoga sessions, GreeneStone’s schedule includes daily meditation. This type of guided relaxation is known to improve the strength and balance of mind, heart, and physical being. It helps to reduce stress, as well as to improve focus and concentration. Yoga is proven to increase physical strength and flexibility, and it improves physical and mental endurance.

Massage: Our facility provides all residents with a weekly massage by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT). Massage is known as an effective treatment for reducing stress, muscle tension, and pain. It also leads to an overall sense of emotional and physical wellness. GreeneStone’s professional health care staff also encourages aromatherapy, as this practice yields many health benefits for individuals undergoing addiction treatment.

Photo Gallery: Gain a visual sense of what to expect at GreeneStone by viewing our photo gallery.

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