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GreeneStone Muskoka is dedicated to providing our residents with a comfortable stay as they recover from drug or alcohol addictions. Our inviting setting welcomes residents from the start. Natural serenity abounds on our 43 acres of land. GreeneStone Muskoka is located in one of the most naturally beautiful regions of Ontario, Canada. The tranquil setting makes our private residential drug and alcohol treatment facility an ideal environment for healing, recovery and growth. Embracing nature and being outdoors is refreshing and grounding and helps many of our clients disconnect from everyday stressors to focus on themselves and their recovery.

Further aiding that recovery are our first-class accomodations and amenities. Comfortable private rooms, healthy dining options, and plenty of recreational opportunities support the physical and emotional recovery of our residents.


A wholesome diet and good nutrition are the foundations for good health and lifelong recovery. Our Red Seal Certified Chef incorporates fresh, local, sustainable ingredients into noursihing meals. Many ingredients are grown right here at GreeneStone’s own gardens. Meals are served three times a day in our dining room and focus on proper nutrition.

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Fitness & Recreation

Exercise and activity are important components of a healthy lifestyle and an effective way to manage stress. GreeneStone offers many different on-site fitness options and recreational amenities for our residents’ use and enjoyment during their free time. Indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, nature trails, weight and cardio studios, and basketball and volleyball courts provide plenty of choices for exercise. Fishing is also available off our dock.

Please note that the outdoor pool will be opened later this summer due to maintenance. Thank you for understanding.

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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga and meditation provide proven physical and mental health benefits. Meditation helps improve concentration, reduce stress, and lower anxiety providing benefits to the heart, mind, and body. Yoga can improve strength and flexibility while instilling a sense of calm and providing restorative mental benefits. GreeneStone offers daily meditation and schedules yoga sessions 3 times a week.

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Massage & Aromatherapy

Massage is valued as an effective treatment for reducing stress, muscle tension, and pain but also for enhancing overall emotional and physical well-being. Weekly massages by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) are offered to all GreeneStone residents. Our professional health care staff also encourage our residents to try aromatherapy as there are many health benefits.

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GreeneStone Muskoka takes a holistic approach to drug and substance abuse treatment. We believe that the setting plays just as important role in recovery as treatment. Residents who are comfortable and well cared for are better prepared to face the challenges of drug and alcohol treatment and are more likely to see treatment through to the end.

Contact GreeneStone Muskoka to learn more about our accomodations and amenities and how they support our treatment programs at 1-844-955-5501 or inquire online.