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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: what is it and how will it help me?

You have slept in and are in a mad dash to get to work on time. You get in your car and you are speeding down a busy road when suddenly, an SUV cuts in front of you. You have to slam on the breaks to avoid rolling into the intersection as the light turns red.

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Signs You May Be Struggling with an Addiction

Nobody begins their day celebrating their addiction or looking to start one. They are subtle and happen quickly. Alcohol, drug, sex, and gambling addictions to do not start the first day, they are developed slowly over time. Many addicts will blame their surroundings, family history, or defend their behaviour with denial.

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A Day in the Life of a Client at Greenestone

It’s November in Muskoka, which means snow! Don’t forget to bundle up when you are heading down to our main building for breakfast. Served buffet style, the smell of freshly cooked bacon, eggs and pancakes wafting from our breakfast nook nothing less than inviting.

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Addiction Recovery and Greenspace

Struggling with addiction recovery is a continual battle that many people face. Health systems across the world have not yet responded adequately to the current burden of addiction, and the challenges someone faces on the road to recovery can feel overwhelming. People often think counselling, group support, and being ready to face the challenges are all you need for your road to recovery. However, the road to addiction recovery can also be benefited by Greenspace.

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Do I Have a Drinking /Drug Problem? 10 Questions to Ask

No one wants to admit it. It’s hard to do. But if you’re looking at this list, you’re questioning whether or not you have a drinking/drug problem. Millions of individuals find themselves faced with this question every year, so you’re not alone.

Go through these questions, answer them honestly and they’ll help you find the answer to your question.

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Is addiction a disease?

The question is can we classify addiction as a disease or is it a harmfully repetitious choice that individuals make? Does that mean addicts and alcoholics are weak-willed? How does the distinction from choice and disease affect how a person receives treatment or recovers? Psychology and psychiatry haven’t any easy answers, and professionals are having a tough time when it comes to knowing the exact the answer.

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How does alcohol affect the body?

The alcohol molecule is small, and this makes a big difference. It means that it can easily travel through the cells in nearly every organ in your body. The result is that when you drink, especially if you drink habitually, your entire body is affected. Alcohol makes its way to your heart, your liver, your sex organs and nearly everywhere else – and it can prevent your body from doing what it’s built to do.

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What causes anxiety attacks?

You’re sitting calmly watching TV on a Saturday afternoon. Suddenly, things feel different. Something’s wrong, you think. You can’t pinpoint it but a feeling of nearby danger overwhelms you. You feel your temperature rise from warm to hot. Your heart beats faster. 90 beats per minute. 110 beats per minute. 130 beats per minute. You’re in full panic mode.

Have you ever had this experience? What you’re experiencing might be an anxiety attack.