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Do I Have a Drinking /Drug Problem?


10 Questions to Ask

No one wants to admit it. It’s hard to do. But if you’re looking at this list, you’re questioning whether or not you have a drinking/drug problem. Millions of individuals find themselves faced with this question every year, so you’re not alone. Go through these questions, answer them honestly and they’ll help you find the answer to your question.

Here are 8 ways drinking affects your body.

1. Do you drink/use drugs to handle certain situations?

Do you ever feel the need to drink/use drugs before going into social situations? Do you drink/use drugs before speaking in public? Maybe you feel you need to have a few before going on a date.

2. Is drinking/drug use a reward for successes AND a coping mechanism for failures?

When you get a promotion at work, after landing a hard client or when you achieve any notable accomplishment in your life do you feel the need to drink/use drugs? Conversely, when you lose a potential promotion, failing to acquire that client or failing in something you see as important do you feel the need to drink/use drugs?

3. Does drinking/drug use have a negative impact on your life?

Are you missing days at work? Are you grades failing? Do you friends and family increasingly become more distant as your drinking/drug use increases? Are you running out of money because of your drinking/drug use?

4. Do people annoy you by criticizing your drinking/drug use?

When someone brings up how much you drink/use drugs, or expresses concern, do you become irritated, defensive or even angry?

5. Have you ever felt guilty about your drug use/drinking?

After drinking or drug use, do you ever feel guilty about using or how much you use? Do you ever feel guilty about the things you said or did while drunk or high?

6. Do you ever have a drink or drug in the morning?

Is there ever a time when you feel like you need a drink or a drug shortly after waking up to face the day?

7. Do you avoid honesty about your drinking/drug use?

Do you need to sneak out for a drink/drug? Do you hide alcohol/drugs around your house or from others?

8. Can you stop drinking/using drugs when you intend to?

If you have one or two drinks/drugs, can you stop yourself? Do you get more drunk/high than you originally intended to? Have you ever tried to cut down or stop your drinking/drug use and not been able to?

9. Do you ever drink/use drugs alone?

Do you continue to drink/use drugs long after your friends have gone home? Do you prefer to drink/use drugs by yourself rather than with people?

10. Do you get in trouble when you drink/use drugs?

Do you get into verbal or physical arguments? Do you have legal troubles because of drinking/drug use?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you might be drinking/using drugs too much. It could be time to take some positive action against your habits. You’ll be glad you did.
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