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Family Care

Family Care Program

GreeneStone health care professionals believe that families and loved ones are crucial to clients’ on-going success in their recovery. Relationships are often impacted and this is the time that families and loved ones would benefit from taking a pause by take a closer look at themselves, and the dynamics in relationships while loved ones are in treatment.

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Family Support

GreeneStone provides families with support. When loved ones and family members visit their loved ones at the facility we encourage them to attend the education sessions that occur each Sunday. It is also encouraged for loves ones and family members to have a free consultation with our own Family therapist. There is opportunity then to set up a face-to-face, more telephonic sessions and group work to have support, education and greater insight.

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Resources For Families

Aside from GreeneStones internal resources, there are external family resources in your respective communities.

There are many written reading materials available regarding addiction and other mental health issues. It is encouraged for family members and loved ones to ask GreeneStone staff for the names of articles, and books that maybe recommended specifically for your needs.

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Family Intervention

Family interventions are often the last resort when family members and loved ones are minimizing their struggles, in denial and or stuck in their addiction.

GreeneStone has a network of interventions that can be beneficial in time of need. GreeneStone encourages those who are at a loss with family members and loved ones to call into GreeneStone and have a consultation.

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