GreeneStone Continuing Care and Support

Integration back into everyday life can be a difficult transition for many individuals after completing residential substance abuse treatment. After so much time surrounded by supportive staff and individuals in similar situations to your own, it can be intimidating to think of leaving the facility and facing the challenges of sobriety on your own.

GreeneStone offers continuing care options so our residents don’t have to navigate this challenging time alone. Our continuing care program provides recovering individuals with resources and tools that they can use to create a seamless return to work, home, and family.

Continuing care options include alcohol and/or substance abuse counseling and support groups for residents and separate support groups for family members whose loved one has graduated from a residential treatment program.

Continuing Care Support Groups For Residents

GreeneStone Muskoka offers continuing care counseling services for those who have completed a residential treatment program or intensive outpatient program and wish to maintain a connection with peers. Our supportive environment helps recovering individuals maintain sobriety and adhere to their plans for the future.

Peer support has been shown to be an important component of recovery from addiction and substance abuse as the encouragement and support of peers can help individuals maintain their commitment to sobriety through non-judgemental support, a firsthand understanding of the struggles and challenges of sobriety, and a shared commitment to improvement.

The following groups are open to clients who have 30 days of clean/sober time:

  • Process Group: Tuesdays, 6:00 – 7:30 pm (ongoing)

Support is provided in a safe and kind environment to facilitate shared feelings and experiences through meaningful interactions. Participants examine the strengths and challenges of recovery while transitioning and adapting to daily living.

  • Gender Groups:
    • Men’s Group. Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm (ongoing)

Support and education is provided in a respectful environment. Discussions will revolve around challenges that arise in sustaining recovery. Participants are able to express their interest in raising specific topics.

  • Women’s Group – TBD (ongoing)

The women’s recovery group is focused on helping women develop effective coping skills, explore and engage in healthy relationships, and experience the ongoing benefits of a strong support network.

GreeneStone Muskoka’s Support Group Fees

1 group/month — $200/month

2 groups/month — $375/month

For further information please email

An intake is required to determine participant readiness.

Family Support and Recovery Groups

GreeneStone Muskoka offers a variety of family support options including: family education, consultation, group therapy, and family counseling. These services are available to families even before admission, as in the case of interventions, through admission and treatment, and after a resident has graduated from the program.

During an individual’s stay with us, family members are able to participate in classes and counseling sessions to learn more about the disease of addiction, for help addressing or improving the interpersonal dynamics of the family relationship, and to prepare for the return of their loved one once treatment is complete. Family support is an integral part of recovery and treatment success and we encourage all families to take advantage of our support and counseling services for their own benefit as well as the benefit of their loved one.

Learn more about our family care options and resources, by clicking here.

Learn More About GreeneStone Muskoka’s Continuing Care Options

Call GreeneStone Muskoka at 1-844-955-5501 or contact us online to learn more about our peer support and continuing care options for residents and their families.