GreeneStone’s Drug and Substance Abuse Admission Process

Admission to GreeneStone Muskoka is the first step in recovery. We welcome everyone who walks through our doors with respect and understanding as we know that taking that first step takes courage and is often the hardest part of substance abuse recovery.

A Personalized Approach

We recognize that every individual is unique and faces their own personal challenges to recovery, which is why our drug and alcohol treatment programs are comprehensive and uniquely tailored to the individual. The customized treatment plan begins at the moment of admission and continues through discharge and transition to home and community. GreeneStone enusres that all individuals who complete the program leave with a recovery plan and access to continuing care which is available upto one calendar year. This custom approach sets residents up for success from the start by providing important foundational support for those seeking treatment.

Stabilzation and Initial Assessment

Upon admission, residents are admitted to GreeneStone’s Stablization Unit where they will be privately monitored 24 hours a day. While in the stablization unit, residents are assessed to determine their needs and to develop an appropriate drug or alcohol treatment plan. The length of time a resident remains in the stabilization unit varies from individual to individual, but once completed, he or she is discharged from that program and enters into our resident community.

Comprehensive Assessment

During the initial stages of the stablization process, our physician, nurse practitioners and nurses oversee new residents, guiding them through the difficult process of becoming sober. When needed, medications are prescribed to relieve or lessen the discomforts of withdrawal.

During this time, residents undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine their readiness to change and their treatment goals. Challenges and concerns are identified and these are taken into consideration as treatment plans are developed. Even at the time of admission, we are beginning the process of adopting an appropriate treatment, discharge, and transition plan.

Co-Occuring Disorders

Co-Occurring Disorders are psychiatric disorders or medical problems that are often seen in people who have addictions. These may include mood or anxiety disorders, trauma, loss, or chronic pain. At GreeneStone each resident is assessed to identify any concurrent issues and will be treated accordingly.

Throughout their stay at GreeneStone, residents are frequently reassessed and their responses to their individualized treatment plan noted. This allows us to adjust treatments as necessary to better help our residents and position them for success.

Learn More About GreeneStone’s Admission and Assessment Process

The GreeneStone Muskoka admission and assessment process is designed with resident success in mind. From the very start, we are focused on resident understanding of and comfort with the process as this helps maintain motivation for treatment. Drug and substance abuse treatment can only succeed if the resident is fully committed to the process and to their recovery.

We believe that by working together in a supportive yet structured environment, residents and their GreeneStone team can overcome many of the physical and mental challenges of addiction and substance abuse and break the cycle of addiction or abuse and relapse with great success.

Contact GreeneStone Muskoka at 1-844-955-5501 to learn more about our treatment program or to arrange an assessment. You may also learn more about our Ontario treatment facility by contacting us online.