GreeneStone’s Family Care Program

Families play a crucial role in the treatment and recovery of GreeneStone residents. In fact, many of our residents wouldn’t have sought help if it weren’t for the intervention of family and friends. Others would find it difficult to maintain sobriety after treatment without the support and understanding of their loved ones. However, most families don’t know how to provide the support that those suffering from drug, alcohol, or substance abuse addiction need. That’s why GreeneStone Muskoka offers family care and support options in addition to care for admitted individuals themselves.

Our Family Care program includes resources and support for families from the time of intervention through treatment and into recovery.

Family Care Program

GreeneStone health care professionals believe that families and loved ones are crucial to clients’ on-going success in their recovery. Relationships are often impacted and this is the time that families and loved ones would benefit from pausing to take a closer look at themselves and the relationship dynamics while loved ones are in treatment.

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Family Support

GreeneStone provides families with support throughout the time their loved one is in treatment. When friends and family members visit their loved ones at our Muskoka residential treatment facility we encourage them to attend the education sessions that are offered each Sunday. We also offer family members and loved ones free consultations with our family therapist. From there, we are then able to set up additional face-to-face or telephone sessions and/or group work to provide families with support, education, and greater insight into the admitted’s challenges and recovery.

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Resources for Families

In addition to GreeneStone’s internal resources, there are many external community-based resources available to families of individuals suffering from alcohol or drug abuse and addictions. GreeneStone staff would be happy to help you identify suitable external resources so that you can find support that works for you.

Resources like reading materials are another option available to friends and family members. There are many written materials available regarding addiction and other mental health issues. We welcome family members’ questions and inquiries regarding these types of resources and will happily provide you with the names of articles, books, and websites that would meet your specific needs and concerns.

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Family Intervention

Family interventions are often the last resort, turned to when a family member or loved one is minimizing his or her struggles, in denial about the severity of their condition, or stuck in their addiction.

GreeneStone Muskoka has a network of interventions that can be beneficial in this time of need. We encourage those who are at a loss as to how to help their family members and loved ones to call GreeneStone and request a consultation.

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We cannot stress enough how important a role friends, family members, and loved ones play in the recovery of individuals who are suffering from addiction or abuse. Whether you need help getting a loved one to take that first step and admit they have a problem, want to provide the best support you can as they go through treatment at GreeneStone, or would like to know more about how to support your loved one post-treatment, GreeneStone has a service for you.

To discuss your needs in detail or learn more about using our Family Care services, call GreeneStone at 1-844-955-5501 or contact us online.