Overview of Our Program

Private, Residential Addiction Treatment Centre in Ontario

GreeneStone’s private, residential treatment program was designed for individuals who struggle with addiction, PTSD and related mental health issues. The people who seek our services are ready to take the steps needed to make a significant change. To us, they are already on the road to recovery because they recognize that they need help. Whether it is drug dependency treatment, alcohol addiction treatment and rehab, methadone or opioid clinic, our addiction treatment centre in Ontario will customize a program to help you or a loved one heal, recover and rehabilitate in the best way possible.

Set in the lap of nature with the unmistakable beauty of Muskoka, our facility is ideal for those who desire privacy and comfort. The addiction clinic is located just two hours north of Toronto.

The centre’s mission is to care for clients in a dignified, respectful manner, while offering expert, evidence-based, holistic care.

“In 2016, 94 percent of residents admitted to GreeneStone successfully completed the program.”

GreeneStone’s Residential Treatment Programs

Our addiction treatment programs offer solutions for most addictive behaviours, including alcoholism, substance abuse, and opioid addiction. We also provide PTSD counseling and trauma therapy. A cottage resort-style setting is outfitted with a state-of-the-art, onsite stabilization/detox unit, which is equipped with private rooms. GreeneStone follows a comprehensive approach to treatment, encouraging residents to focus on Cognitive, Emotional, Relational, Physical, and Spiritual competencies, along with integrating the 12 Steps.

GreeneStone offers a variety of programs to meet individual needs:

  • Inpatient Residential Services: Our adult residential program is for people who are age 18 and older. We provide a safe, caring environment to address substance abuse and related issues. Our team is committed to providing treatment in an atmosphere of trust, honesty, and responsibility. Each resident is individually assessed to ensure that specific needs will be addressed through individualized treatment planning.
  • Medical Detox: We offer detoxification services round-the-clock. Clients are medically monitored by RPN-Physicians and other designated staff members. Detox services are provided at the inpatient level of care. Specific detoxification protocols have been developed and are nationally recognized (CARF accredited) and accepted as a preferred treatment of care. Once patients are stabilized and have completed the acute phase of withdrawal, they are transitioned into the rehabilitation phase of treatment.
  • Family Program: The disease of alcohol and drug addiction is one that affects the entire family. Thus, the family program at GreeneStone began in 2011. Group members are provided with education and therapy to help cope and continue on their individual paths of recovery.
  • After-Care Program: Upon completing the residential program, they are provided with a discharge plan. This plan is critical to ensure healthy living. After residential treatment, adjusting to everyday life can be overwhelming. This is why GreeneStone offers a comprehensive after-care program. Family therapy is also provided during and after treatment. Download our brochure for more information.

Individualized Treatment for PTSD, Drug Dependency and Alcohol Abuse

GreeneStone’s typical length of stay is 45 days, but residents may stay longer if clinically recommended. Initially, all residents enter our stabilization unit, where they have access to their own private rooms and baths. GreeneStone also provides a second stage option for those who have completed the program, but who wish to stay in a safe community with the support of staff and the residential community.

Programming may be customized when residents are not able to meet the demands of the regular program schedule. GreeneStone’s experienced staff members recognize that everyone is unique. Residents may work at their own pace on their journey of recovery.

Call us at 1-844-955-5501 to discuss treatment options. Also, feel free to contact us online for information about our residential addiction treatment programs in Muskoka, Ontario.