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Helpful Links to Addiction Recovery Information

Here is a list of very useful links to online addiction recovery materials.

Addiction Medicine & The Science of Addiction Resources

GreeneStone takes a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach to understanding substance use disorders (biological, psychological, sociological/environment, and spiritual perspecitives). To have a broad perspective in understanding the disease leads to a more encompassing approach to treatment. When individuals seek help for their substance use disorder it is beneficial to be as open and honest about their challenges with their family physician, psychiatrist, counsellor or other health care professional or community supports. Treatment can be most effective when individuals struggling with the disease of addiction, family members or loved ones provide relevant data.

Helpful links are provided from sources that can be bring an integrated understanding of the disease of addiction and treatment. Some links lead to understanding the science of addiction and up to date research.

Individuals often find that the 12 step support groups work for them. Attending meetings that are nearby can be structured into one’s schedule (AA, NA, CA). When individuals attend these groups, they will definitely not feel alone and can find a sponsor.

Family members and loved ones can attend support groups as well such as Al-Anon and A lateen.

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Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine

National Institute of Drug Abuse

National Institute of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

American Society of Addiction Medicine

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry



Alcoholics Anonymous

Drug and Alcohol Recovery Guides

The Twelve Steps of Recovery

Drug Abuse and Your Body: Exposed – Infographic