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The idyllic setting, effective addiction programs and amenities ensure that your experience at GreeneStone will be comforting, motivating and positive. We provide all that you might need on the road to recovery.

Our addiction programs range from 30/45/60/90 days or until the Client is ready to integrate back into their environment. Our Medical Detox/Stabilization unit offers withdrawal management if someone cannot commit to a full 30-day program. We also offer a second stage program which is when a member has completed the program and become an Alumni, however they are just not ready to go back to their environment.

When someone has completed detox/stabilization and moved into their private residency they will be assigned to one of our three Clinical therapists.

Our Clinical therapists specialize in addictions and concurrent disorders. We have two Trauma therapists which our Clinical team will refer for 1:1 counselling if they feel there is a need for trauma counselling. Our team also includes a Spiritual therapist which our Clinical team will refer for 1:1 counselling based on Client needs.

Each therapist takes a day of the week to hold 1.5 hours of group sessions. These sessions are not mandatory but encouraged as part of engagement and progress in one’s recovery.

Read all bios about Our Team and the strategies they use when working with a GreeneStone member.

The five intelligences are strengthened and targeted throughout every day of the GreeneStone programming. They are reflective in the following activities:

  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Process
  • Group Education
  • Spirituality
  • Recreation
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Reflection
  • Twelve Steps
  • Family Education/Support
  • Continuing Care Planning

Aside from the above each member is entitled to participate in:

  • 3 Yoga classes a week led by Jasmine
  • 1 massage a week from Aleks our RMT
  • 1 personal training class a week led by Candace

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By taking advantage of our amenities and private, clean spacious accommodations, you can recover from co-occurring disorders, drug or alcohol addiction on a variety of levels.

Therapeutic leaves are given based on the level received by the Clinical team. Levels are given based on how each individual is progressing in their recovery.

Level 1 – residents have completed detox/stabilization and are integrated into the community while starting to participate in programming.

Level 2 – residents may leave the facility to care for personal needs up to 4 hours each time.

Level 3 – residents will go on weekend therapeutic leaves to start re-integration back into their community.

Level 4 – residents are now demonstrating a proactive approach in their care and become role models in the recovery community.

Once graduation is complete that person is now a member of the GreeneStone Alumni. See Alumni for meeting schedules, benefits to take advantage of and after care when graduating from GreeneStone.

Call 1-844-955-5501 or contact us online to ask any questions about our facilities and what is included in your stay.