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The GreeneStone Substance Abuse Treatment Approach

GreeneStone is a residential drug and alcohol treatment program located in Muskoka, Ontario. Our substance abuse rehabilitation program utilizes a holistic approach to treating the disease of addiction and the challenges of substance abuse. We understand that no one approach is perfect nor will every approach work for every person. Our customized approach to drug treatment allows us to better serve Ontario residents and their families, facilitating long-term success and lower rates of relapse.

The GreeneStone drug and alcohol treatment approach supports residents in their recovery from addiction by:

  • Providing opportunities to participate in a wide variety of residential treatment programs, techniques, and modalities.
  • Supporting introspective reflection to discover why we resist change and how to overcome obstacles to recovery.
  • Establishing methods and techniques for coping with stress, managing relationships, and regulating emotions.
  • Turning negative thoughts and behaviors into positive ones.
  • Offering individual, family, and couple’s education and support.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment At GreeneStone

There is a difference between drug and alcohol addiction and drug and alcohol abuse; consequently, GreeneStone treatment approaches differ.

Drug or alcohol addiction is a chronic medical condition that requires treatment for the life of the affected individual. This differs from an abuser who can, once treated, return to a normal lifestyle with no further need for assessment and care.

Trained professional staff at GreeneStone help to determine whether the individual suffers from addiction or abuse and then assist in creating an appropriate treatment plan.

Addiction Approach

Addiction often begins as social use of drugs or alcohol. Soon, the individual begins to associate pleasure with the alcohol or drug and uses more frequently to achieve the same pleasurable response. However, over time, people with addiction begin to experience negative consequences from their use habits, such as:

  • Unpredictability in behavior and mood.
  • Loss of control over the use of the substance or addictive behavior.
  • Complaints by others regarding their behavior.
  • The need for formal treatment, including increased structure and limit-setting.

Mind-altering substances like drugs and alcohol create changes in the brain’s “reward center” and directly affect dopamine levels, which play a strong role in reward-motivated behavior. When a person has addiction, there is a dysfunction occurring in the brain. This dysfunction manifests itself in impaired behavior, thinking, judgment, and changing levels of consciousness and mood.

Addiction treatment, therefore, begins with restoring the brain’s biochemical levels to their natural level. This requires a period of at least 90 days of abstinence from the substance, in most cases. This allows the brain to “reboot” and the neurotransmitters to get back to normal levels.

Abuse Approach

Drug and alcohol abusers differ from addicts in that they rarely experience chemical brain changes and the associated loss of control and behavioral changes that can occur in addicts. Abusers typically use substances like drugs or alcohol to enhance pleasure or compensate for something negative (physical or emotional pain, insecurity, depression, etc.). However, they too may experience some negative effects, such as:

  • Occasional negative consequences which begin to mount up, causing the person to re-think their substance use.
  • Complaints from loved ones and/or colleagues which, when heard by the individual, are dealt with.
  • Actions with negative consequences. Abusers are typically able to modify or even stop the substance use completely and without much difficulty.

Since abusers do not experience the same brain changes as addicts, they can often be treated on an outpatient basis and respond very well to treatments that address the underlying problems that led to the substance abuse. Abusers are fully capable of returning to a “normal” lifestyle with moderated use of the substances and without adverse repercussions.

Contact GreeneStone For Custom Drug Treatment Tailored To The Individual

Regardless of whether a patient is seeking help at GreeneStone for addiction or abuse, treatment will be customized to meet their individual needs. This holistic approach:

  • Accepts and recognizes each person as an individual with unique needs and challenges.
  • Incorporates a wide variety of treatment methods and options, which are supported by an evidence based scientific literature.
  • Eliminates the blaming and moralistic stances of earlier treatment approaches.
  • Best positions the individual for success.

Take the first step towards recovery. Contact GreeneStone at 1-844-955-5501 or inquire about our drug and alcohol treatment options in Ontario online.