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GreeneStone Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program

GreeneStone is a residential addiction treatment centre located in Muskoka, Ontario. We offer personalized drug and alcohol treatment programs to best meet individual needs and challenges. This custom approach to care facilitates greater success and lower rates of relapse.

We offer residential and outpatient treatment options, depending on diagnosis. Our residential treatment programs are available in a variety of lengths to suit client needs. People can come into our program from detox 5-10 days, or comprehensive treatment (30-45 days and longer if clinically recommended).

Our residential drug and alcohol treatment program includes:

  • Counseling Services
  • Health and Nutrition Services
  • Family Support Services
  • Integrative Therapies
  • Aftercare Services

GreeneStone Rehabilitation Program Modalities

Just as there are many ways to approach and understand addiction, there are many methods of treatment. Current research supports treatment from a holistic perspective, which incorporates an understanding of the person’s risk factors and reasons for their actions. Armed with this knowledge, GreeneStone staff can develop highly effective treatment programs that enable and sustain recovery.

GreeneStone residents are exposed to a wide variety of substance abuse programs, techniques, and treatment modalities. Each program begins with a personalized assessment from which our highly-trained and experienced clinical staff can begin to develop a comprehensive in-patient treatment program to find the best solution for each resident’s unique needs. Modalities and treatments include:

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI). This counseling technique is goal-oriented and helps individuals uncover why he/she is resistant to change. MI helps individuals understand then overcome obstacles to their recovery. The technique is used in both group and individual therapy sessions.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This psychotherapeutic method is used to alter distorted attitudes and problem behaviors by identifying and replacing negative, inaccurate thoughts and changing the rewards for behaviors, helping the resident to view challenging situations more clearly and respond to them more effectively.
  • The Seeking Safety Substance Abuse Rehab Program. We use “Seeking Safety” to assist residents with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and trauma issues. This helps them find a way to safely ground themselves and cope with fears, while maintaining their focus upon learning how to live in a sober manner.
  • Medication Assisted Recovery. Medication Assisted Recovery involves assessing and, if needed, providing medication to help individuals cope with the symptoms of withdrawal, to decrease cravings, treat depression, sleep disturbances, pain, etc., in a way that minimizes the risk of relapse and enhances the opportunity for recovery. Acupuncture and massage are also offered to help with the stabilization process and to manage chronic pain.

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