Addiction Treatment in Ontario

At GreeneStone we have been helping people kick-start their recovery journey for over a decade. Once you’ve made the decision to make a change, our experienced Intake and Admissions coordinators are ready to help you.  We understand that this is often a difficult decision. Our team is dedicated to providing a compassionate approach when discussing your situation and will help to determine the best options and level of care for you or your loved one.

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Since substance use disorders affect every aspect of an individual’s life, our programs and treatment plans address the complex needs of the entire person and provide the essential tools for healing and recovery. GreeneStone simultaneously treats clients with underlying or co-occurring disorders so their treatment outcomes can be as effective as possible.

At GreeneStone, we honour the diversity of our clients with our inclusive community.

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Intervention Services

The first step is always the hardest. Although family members, friends and loved ones might know that someone in their life needs help with their substance use disorder, finding the language and ability to talk about it can be extremely challenging.

A trained interventionist and counselor can help you navigate the process of getting your loved one into treatment. The interventionist will provide the language and communication tools you need to effectively communicate your concerns. They can also facilitate the transportation for your loved one to GreeneStone should that be requested.

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