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Privacy Policy

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If you require immediate medical attention, please go to your nearest hospital or contact your family physician.

Website, Marketing and Media Disclaimer

Purpose and Overview:

The purpose of this privacy policy is to display GreeneStone Clinic’s promise to keeping all information provided to us via this website protected, secure, private and confidential.

Site Use:
As a visitor of this website, “you”, the “visitor” or “user”, using this site agree to this disclaimer and the privacy policy terms. We also reserve the right to change these terms at any time and we will post the updated terms with the date on which they were updated.

GreeneStone Clinic has put into place practices and reliable resources to keep all information submitted to us and stored by us via the website and it’s hosting, email, and all contact forms, completely safe with our security partners and internal staff. We maintain security measures to help protect your information from any misuse. All information that is provided to GreeneStone, is protected by the Federal Privacy Act of Canada, the personal information act (PHIPA), The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and HIPAA in the U.S. We also have an anti-spam policy.

How We Collect Information:
The website, collects information through or other official emails and opt-in forms, referral forms and contact forms by our secure servers.

What Type of Information we Collect:
Greenestone Muskoka’s website collects the following information:

Visitor Voluntarily Submitted Information:
This is any information that is submitted to us through our emails provided on the website, to a staff member’s email, by any contact forms on the website and by phone. The information submitted via email or online forms is basic information for contact purposes. You do not have to submit any specific health details. Basic information may include name, email addresses, phone, message, or any other basic information. If you choose voluntarily you may provide us with any other additional information.

Digital Information:
Our website does have analytic tracking’s and similar type tracking. The following information may be tracked cookies, IP Addresses, traffic data and analytical visitor data. But all this information is used for internal measurement use.

Use and Sharing of Information:
All your personal information that you submit to us, you provide it to us voluntarily.
All information is kept private, secure and confidential. The use of the information is to contact you and help you with your inquiry. The only hands that it will be in are those of GreeneStone Clinic. All staff at GreeneStone that have access to this information are obliged to respect the confidentiality of all personal information that is submitted to us.

We do not and will not share, or sell your information to any third party companies.

Keep Your Information Up to Date:
Make sure you keep your contact information that you submitted to us update by emailing us at

Email Marketing
You may receive an email conformation after you submit information with details on how to proceed with your inquiry with more information about the service and treatment and when we will be in contact with you.

You may also receive follow up emails from us at later dates about your service inquiry.

We follow all Spam acts accordingly to ensure your privacy and respect your boundaries.

We also have regular helpful email communications about addiction recovery and topical information. Please join this list by the email provided below.

Make Sure You Don’t Miss A Thing:
Don’t miss any news, announcements, stories and much more that we are sharing with our community by joining in our email-marketing list.

We suggested that you request and give us permission to join our email marketing by email us at and we will make sure to add you.

Choice of Opt-Out:
All email marketing sent by GreeneStone Clinic will have the information and clear details on how to opt-out of any email communication.

Call Follow-ups and Email Communication: Please note that you may receive email follow-ups with GreeneStone Clinic information about the services that you inquired about after you call us at GreeneStone Clinic or after we respond to you with a call from a GreeneStone Clinic professional. The purpose of this information is to help you make the right decision on substance abuse treatment and or for the sharing of admission documents. The emails that will follow up with you will be from a official email address.

Blog and Social:
Please note that these are posted publicly, when you post publicly please note that we reserve the right the keep that information. Please be aware of what exactly you are posting and where you are posting it.

If something concerns you about a comment that you posted on our blog or social media channels please email us at and we will be happy to speak with you about and remove it if need be.

Intellectual Property:
This site contains intellectual property that is owned by GreeneStone Clinic and GreeneStone Healthcare Corp. This intellectual property includes and does not limit the following, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property. This includes, name, logo, designs, text/copy, graphics, content, blog and other files.

We Encourage You To Share
You may share any information that is on this website,, but you must note GreeneStone as the content provider and owner, or place the GreeneStone logo on the content and ideally link to the website as well.

We also encourage you to contact us for content purposes, for example, if you would like us to guest blog for you or write and article.

Third Party Content and Links:
Please note that this site may contain third party content and resources for educational purposes, in each area of the website where the third party content, links or resources are listed we mention the original third party content creator and give them credit. But we are not liable for the accuracy, availability, content and or policies that these third parties have provided.

Third Party Advertisers, Directories, Referring Companies:
Please be aware that third party advertising platforms, industry directories, and referral companies may be utilized to receive lead generation for GreeneStone Clinic. We do not take responsibility for the third party relationships practices and policies. Please be aware and safe of where you submit your information and what information you submit.

Please note that GreeneStone Clinic does not position or position it’s services, content, website or any marketing, sales or communications to children under the age of 13. We discourage the use of this website to children under the age of 13. If we suspect, are told or learn in some way that there is a user submitting their information that is under the age of 13, we will delete their information and or user account immediately.

Any questions about this policy and terms should be directed to:
For any questions and concerns please contact our privacy officer at

GreeneStone Muskoka
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Bala, ON
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Information about treatment:
For information about our private residential program please call us at 1-844-955-5501 or email us at

This policy was last updated on June 26, 2014