Treatment Programs

When you or your loved one arrives at GreeneStone, a comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation will be completed to determine an individualized treatment plan.

The Intake Process may include the following assessments:

  • Diagnosis of substance and/or alcohol use disorder.
  • Psychosocial history.
  • Co-occurring mental or physical health issues.
  • Withdrawal risk assessment.

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New Mental Health and Wellness Support

We are now offering general mental health care and help for everyone: with or without addiction.

If you’ve been struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD or any other type of chronic mental health issue, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Your mental health matters. Our team is here for you whenever you’re ready!

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New Ketamine treatment for anxiety, depression and PTSD

We’re excited to offer this new treatment alternative in partnership with Ketamine Health, a specialized integrated care team that treats PTSD symptoms and other anxiety disorders with ketamine infusions.

Ketamine works for many people when other medications don’t.

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Addiction Treatment for Young Adults in Muskoka, Canada

GreeneStone offers multiple addiction programs for young adults in Ontario.

Medical Detox 

When you reach out for help to stop using alcohol or drugs, a complete detox is the first step toward recovery. 

Detox, or medically supervised withdrawal management from alcohol or drugs, allows individuals to remain safe and comfortable throughout the withdrawal process. At GreeneStone, we provide safe and medically supervised detoxification for opiates, benzodiazepines, alcohol and other substances. We understand that a complete detox program is the first step of the journey to sobriety, and we’re passionate about helping you find sustainable, lasting recovery.

Inpatient Treatment 

GreeneStone has been helping individuals begin their journey to recovery for over a decade. Our programs provide the necessary tools for healing while addressing the complex needs of the individual. Our Inpatient Treatment Program in Ontario helps people struggling with addictions to:

  • Prescription Drugs.
  • Opioids.
  • Alcohol.
  • Methamphetamine.
  • Amphetamines.
  • Cannabis.
  • Benzodiazepines.
  • Kratom.
  • Crystal Meth.
  • Heroin.
  • Fentanyl.
  • Cocaine.


Young Adult Track

At GreeneStone, we understand that everyone is unique and treatment should align with individual needs. Our Young Adult Track is a recovery program that ensures those fighting addiction at an early age find healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges. 

Second Stage Treatment

We offer a Second Stage program to further help and support our clients. For those not yet ready to make the transition back to their home environments, we offer:

  • Weekly linen change.
  • Three meals per day.
  • Yoga and Fitness Centre Access.
  • Weekly recovery group.
  • Breathalyzer and urine testing.
  • On-site recovery meetings.
  • Aftercare therapy.
  • Recovery coaching and planning.
  • Medication management with our nursing staff.
  • Volunteer or employment opportunities within the Muskoka area.
  • Specialized therapeutic groups such as our Elder Circle, gender group and military group.


Continuing Care

We offer aftercare therapy programs in Muskoka to encourage our clients to continue the progress they’ve achieved while in treatment. Continuing care includes access to our specialized therapeutic groups, six sessions with GreeneStone’s Aftercare Therapist and an individualized treatment program tailored to each client’s background and needs. 

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Family Care

GreeneStone offers a free consultation to loved ones who are looking for support. Family education sessions are held regularly and available virtually.

For individuals recovering from addiction, having understanding and encouragement from close family members is paramount and can lay the foundation for continued success in sobriety. 

Alumni Program 

After completing our Treatment Program, all GreeneStone clients receive an Alumni status. Meetings are held several times a week, and Alumni Elder Circles are facilitated by GreeneStone Staff each month.

GreeneStone Alumni are encouraged to facilitate recovery meetings in their own communities in Ontario after leaving treatment.

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GreeneStone encourages our clients and their families to live their best lives free from addiction. We believe recovery must address the individual’s spiritual, physical, emotional, cognitive and relational aspects. We want our clients to move forward with improved confidence and a zest for life. 

Reach out to a GreeneStone representative to learn more about our treatment programs in Ontario, Canada, today. 

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