Family Care

Addiction can happen to anyone, and when these behaviors develop, friends and family members are often directly impacted. 

Family programming is an essential part of the healing process. GreeneStone offers a free consultation for loved ones looking for guidance and support. Family members are encouraged to attend our regular family education sessions.

Throughout the treatment process, our clients’ inpatient or aftercare therapist can provide support and communication to family members when the client gives consent.

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Addiction can happen to anyone, and when these behaviors develop, friends and family members are often directly impacted.

Family Roles in Addiction

When one person suffers from addiction within a family unit, the entire family is affected. Drug and alcohol addiction can have a vast range of effects on loved ones, and family members may begin developing specific roles as a coping mechanism.

How family members behave in these situations defines the various roles that develop in households battling addiction. Typical family roles in addiction include:

  • Lost child.
  • Hero.
  • Scapegoat.
  • Mascot.
  • Enabler.

If you want to participate in the recovery efforts of a loved one in recovery, know there are options. Ways you can contribute positively to your family member’s recovery and growth include:

  • Rebuilding trust.
  • Setting healthy boundaries.
  • Improving communication.
  • Participating in family therapy.


GreeneStone Offers Support for Family Members

GreeneStone offers support for family members that will help your heart heal. Our team of professionals has extensive experience with various substance use disorders, trauma, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

We deliver personalized treatment and guidance and partner with our clients to create effective, supportive and evidence-based programs.

Tips to Cope With Addiction in the Family

Having a solid understanding of addiction can help you provide the love and support your family member needs. Check out these 10 tips that may help you cope with addiction in the family:

  1. Advocate and educate.
  2. Stick to a formal sleep cycle.
  3. Exercise regularly.
  4. Connect with your joy.
  5. Manage expectations.
  6. Eat meals together as a family.
  7. Connect with understanding peers.
  8. Learn as much as possible about addiction.

Benefits of Family Therapy Sessions

Lifestyle alterations can undoubtedly help families in crisis. Counseling services will help you and your family talk freely and discuss issues openly. An addiction counselor can offer sessions around crisis skill-building to help you and your family heal.

Family therapy focuses on providing all the tools family members need to facilitate healing. This counseling enhances coping skills in the face of crisis, including problem-solving, conflict resolution and communication. Strengthening these skills will also help your family overcome future challenges that arise.

Family therapy sessions offer many benefits to families in crisis, including deeper empathy, improved problem-solving, enhanced communication, a better understanding of family dynamics, patterns and healthy boundaries, anger management skills and reduced conflict.

Family therapy sessions can improve family relationships through:

  • Helping family members who have been isolated return.
  • Establishing a supportive familial environment.
  • Assisting with conflict resolution.
  • Creating a safe space for family members to be honest with one another.
  • Building and instilling trust in family members.
  • Helping families come back together after a crisis.
  • Assisting with forgiveness.
  • Reducing sources of stress and tension within the family.
Tips to cope with addiction in the family

Find Family Counseling and Support Services for Addiction at GreeneStone

GreeneStone offers free consultations to family members looking for support. For individuals recovering from addiction, having support from family members is integral to continued progress.

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