What Is Medical Detox Treatment at GreeneStone?

Medically supervised withdrawal management refers to ridding the body of toxic, addictive substances under the direct supervision of medical professionals to ensure an effective start to the recovery process. At GreeneStone, our facility utilizes advanced medical care during detoxification to ensure withdrawal is as safe and comfortable as possible.

Many substances can alter the brain’s chemistry and impact the way people feel and behave while under their influence. Alcohol, opiates, stimulants, benzodiazepines and other substances are addictive. After using these substances over a period of time, you may begin to rely on them to feel normal. If you attempt to quit, you could experience uncomfortable, painful or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms.

Addiction is a disorder, and like other chronic conditions, it can be managed medically. The goal of Medical Detox is to stabilize clients and prepare them for longer-term care in an addiction treatment program. Withdrawal management is not considered addiction treatment by itself. Instead, those who complete medical detox treatment at GreeneStone often stay for longer, individualized treatment in our Inpatient Program.

The Benefits of Choosing GreeneStone Addiction Detox Treatment

At GreeneStone, we are committed to providing a wide range of addiction treatment services to meet our clients’ needs as they progress through each stage of recovery. It all begins with safe, effective and medically supervised withdrawal management.

Some people attempt to go through the drug addiction detox process at home on their own. This type of nonmedical detox is not recommended. Depending on what substance you’re addicted to and the severity of your addiction, going through this process alone without medical supervision can be dangerous.

When individuals arrive at GreeneStone, they stay in our stabilization wing for at least 24 hours, or until the detox process is complete. During this time, our clients’ care consists of 24-hour medical support, medication for comfort and safety and a private room so that they can go through this highly sensitive process in complete privacy. Supervised detox at GreeneStone offers our clients many benefits:

  • Supervision: Our facility is staffed 24 hours per day with nursing coverage.
  • More comfort: Our physicians and nurse practitioners are available to prescribe medication as needed to assist with the detox process, cravings and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Adjustments: If adjustments need to be made to medication, we can make those changes quickly.
  • Safety: Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening for individuals with long-term dependency. Constant medical supervision ensures a safer detoxification process.
  • Privacy: Each room is completely private, with a queen bed and private bathroom to ensure maximum comfort.
  • Reduced relapse risk: Staying at a treatment centre that includes medical detox lays a strong foundation for the rest of your recovery.

Once detox has concluded, our clients will seamlessly enter into the GreeneStone community and begin their inpatient treatment program.

Learn More About Our Canadian Medical Detox Centre

Effective treatment for drug and alcohol addiction addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of substance use disorder. Our medically supervised withdrawal management combats the physical consequences of addiction so you can focus more fully on your recovery journey. Medical detox is one component of our larger treatment offerings at GreeneStone, which include Inpatient Treatment, a Young Adult Track and Second Stage Treatment for extended support. By offering this range of addiction services in one place, we can see you through every stage of your recovery.

Our premier treatment centre in Canada is a calm, nurturing environment that promotes healing and renewed hope after a life of addiction. To learn more about our medical detox facility, contact us to discuss medical detox and our other treatment options.

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