Visiting GreeneStone

Family, friends, and members of support networks are an important part of the recovery process for our clients. We strongly encourage families and loved ones to visit. Visitations occur every Saturday and Sunday at the Centre between 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.

All visits are requested by our clients and approved weekly. Clients are allowed visitors after the first 14 days of their treatment program.

Please review the following visitor guidelines as we want to create and encourage a safe environment for our entire community:

  1. It is the responsibility of each client to request visitors. Approval from the treatment team is required before any visitors are permitted on GreeneStone property.
  2. All visitors must sign in at the front office upon entering the property. Visitors will be asked to sign a standard confidentiality agreement.
  3. All visits will take place in visible areas. Please note that visitors are not allowed in client rooms.
  4. Any packages, gifts, or belongings for clients must be given to a GreeneStone staff for inspection. Cooperation in this matter is essential for the safety of our community.
  5. Due to individual privacy and confidentiality visitors are not permitted to take any pictures or videos of people and/or buildings on GreeneStone property.

In addition to scheduled visits, family members are encouraged to attend the family education sessions which are regularly at Centre.

Visitation at GreeneStone

Communication with Family Members and Friends

Letters can be mailed to the following address:

(Client Name)
C/O GreeneStone Muskoka
3571 Muskoka Road 169
P.O. Box 660
Bala, ON P0C 1A0