Recovery Alumni Program

All of our clients receive Alumni status after completing GreeneStone’s Treatment Program. Well-attended meetings are held multiple times each week. Alumni Elder Circles are facilitated by GreeneStone Staff each month and there are additional meetings, sober activities, and Alumni gatherings held on-site and in several locations throughout Ontario.

After leaving treatment, GreeneStone Alumni are encouraged to participate in the GreeneStone community and help to facilitate recovery meetings in their own communities.

Alumni who have a desire to give back as a part of their ongoing recovery can become Alumni Ambassadors. Ambassadors are sober contacts who pair with individuals who have recently completed treatment. These Ambassadors assist our new Alumni as they begin to navigate their lives outside of treatment, providing peer support and helping them access local recovery meetings.

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GreeneStone recovery alumni program

The Importance of a Recovery Alumni Program for Sobriety

A recovery program gives Alumni the space they need to develop sober habits and rediscover what brings them joy and fulfillment. At GreeneStone, we understand that recovery is a process that continues well after the culmination of a recovery program. In addition to helping individuals remain drug- and alcohol-free, a recovery alumni program offers benefits such as:

  • Smooth transition from rehab to daily life: Recovery alumni programs offer structured events and activities to help clients feel more comfortable with their transition.
  • Flexibility with levels of involvement: Recovery alumni program members can choose their level of involvement. Maintaining flexibility is crucial for clients who have to go to school, work or care for their families.
  • Opportunities to practice skills learned in treatment: An alumni program offers members a space where they can feel comfortable receiving additional guidance and applying recovery tools.
  • Strategies for relapse prevention: Recovery alumni programs can provide members with access to a social network, guest speakers and other resources that allow them to reach out for help in times of need.
  • Peer encouragement and support: Alumni program members can connect with their support network to stay on track and reflect on past mistakes. Engaging with others who share the same goal of long-term recovery can keep members on the path to living the life they’ve always dreamed of.
  • Access to recovery resources: Community alumni programs provide members with weekly workshops, group sessions, education, weekly meetings and other sober activities that offer support and continuing recovery education. These activities can strengthen the sense of community among alumni members while encouraging peer support and group interaction. 
  • Continual support: Alumni program members can stay connected with the treatment providers who’ve assisted them throughout their recovery journey. When members stay connected with professionals they know and trust, asking for help can seem less daunting. Accessible and available communication channels ease members’ worries and encourage them to speak up when they need to. Trained professionals will also recognize signs of relapse and act accordingly.
  • Connections to the recovery community: Recovery alumni programs keep all recovery community members connected and remind them of the support network that’s always there to pick them up in challenging times.

The Importance of Having a Support Network on Your Recovery Journey

An uplifting and encouraging support system makes maintaining any progress made during recovery much stronger. When you’re rebuilding your life after addiction, most aspects of your life will need some sort of adjustment. A support network can help you move through this transition period with greater ease.

A recovery program gives Alumni the space they need to develop sober habits and rediscover what brings them joy and fulfillment.

Learn More About GreeneStone’s Recovery Community

A support network helps recovery last long after the treatment program is over. GreeneStone encourages our clients to stay strong throughout the recovery journey. Our team of specialists is passionate about what we do and want our clients and their families to live their best lives addiction-free.

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