Life After Overcoming an Addiction

What comes after addiction? After leaving the structure and routine of our alcohol and drug treatment centre, our clients face life without the safety net of ever-present support. As treatment ends, real life begins, and you need to make your own decisions, remember your triggers and temptations and test your resolve each day.

When you leave GreeneStone, you won’t be alone. Through our Aftercare Program, you’ll have help and support in the days to come as you maintain your recovery. Aftercare is not an afterthought or an add-on to Primary Treatment. Instead, it’s one of the most critical stages of the recovery process. It allows you to solidify the relapse prevention strategies and coping skills you’ve developed throughout your time at GreeneStone.

GreeneStone’s Aftercare Program

Many clients believe that aftercare begins once treatment is complete. In reality, the foundation for this phase is built as you proceed through medical detox treatment. Our team works with you to develop the tools and skills you’ll need to be successful long-term. We then ensure you have access to ongoing support after you complete treatment.

Our Aftercare Program is personalized to the needs and background of each individual we serve. Your program will include a variety of features that will continue the guidance and support you received during your time at GreeneStone.

The Benefits of GreeneStone’s Aftercare Program in Addiction Recovery

Although aftercare is an optional feature of our comprehensive addiction treatment services, it can make all the difference to your goal of long-term recovery. Our primary program ends after 30 to 90 days, but the longer you pursue professional support, the better off you will be. Your time at GreeneStone is only the initial phase of your recovery journey. Participating in our Aftercare Program strengthens your commitment to ongoing healing and bolsters your confidence.

Here are just a few benefits of GreeneStone’s continuing care:

  • Reduces the risk of relapse through proper maintenance and treatment
  • Starts your at-home recovery journey on the right track
  • Strengthens your commitment to lifelong recovery
  • Provides accountability with regular therapy sessions
  • Continues your mental and emotional healing from addiction

Learn About Our Aftercare Addiction Programs in Canada

After your treatment at GreeneStone is complete, please know that you will not have to walk the path of recovery alone. Our Aftercare Program can help keep you safe from relapse and strengthen your commitment to a substance-free life. If you would like more information, contact us today.

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