Continuing Care

All GreeneStone clients are offered our Aftercare Program to help maintain the momentum they’ve gained while in treatment. Because every individual has unique needs, Aftercare therapy sessions are customized to support each individual’s ongoing progress and goals.

Aftercare includes:

  • A program tailored to each client’s specific needs and background.
  • Six sessions with GreeneStone’s Aftercare Therapist,*
  • Four sessions with a local therapist of the clients choosing.
    • If a local therapist is preferred, a teleconference meeting between the client, GreeneStone and the therapist will be arranged to discuss the client’s progress in treatment and their goals moving forward.
  • Continued access to our specialized therapeutic groups.

*These sessions are offered on-site as well as via Skype, Zoom or teleconference.

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Sober Companion Services

Leaving treatment is an exciting and sometimes unnerving process. Applying new habits and a solid foundation for recovery to everyday life can be intimidating. A sober companion’s mission is to assist an individual in developing a new sober lifestyle and routine. They are live-in support and provide one-on-one care to help clients move through difficulties as they arise. They help bridge the gap between leaving treatment and reintegration back into the individual’s home life.

Companions are available to provide the following services:

  • Support during the transportation process (to and from treatment or to the next phase of treatment)
  • Counselling and coaching as needed
  • Transportation to-and-from meetings, appointments and daily activities
  • Assisting clients to find their own 12-step communities
  • Support with goal setting, commitment follow-through and setting boundaries

The ultimate goal of a companion is to assist their client’s in developing and maintaining a healthy routine to ensure long-term recovery success.

GreeneStone has a team of successful sober companions and coaches for our clients to choose from. Geographic location, gender, and compatibility are all considered when our clinical team makes a pairing recommendation. Our After Care therapist and Case Manager will continue to oversee the process, track insights and progress.