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GreeneStone has been awarded Accreditation (CARF*) from the Commission of Rehabilitation Facilities and has been certified for

  • Detoxification: Alcohol and Other Drugs / Addictions
  • Inpatient Treatment Alcohol and Other Drugs / Addictions.


Addiction Treatment Center in Muskoka near Toronto

  • Client-focused, personalized treatment for professionals.
  • 43-acres of stunning, serene property.
  • Holistic approach that addresses mind, body and spiritual health.
  • Experience modern, effective therapy for co-occurring or poly-substance disorders.

At GreeneStone Muskoka, we treat those who struggle with alcohol/drug addiction along with other mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD etc.

GreeneStone Clinic Muskoka is a private addiction treatment centre, which is in the heart of Muskoka, Ontario. GreeneStone sits on 43 acres of land, surrounded by natural beauty and is an ideal place to start the journey for healing, recovery and connecting to one’s inner-strength. Residents will be in a tranquil setting while they take the pause to address the crucial elements of their lives and learn healthy strategies to function more optimally. GreeneStone provides a CARF accredited private stabilization/withdrawal management program prior to entering our accredited residential addiction treatment program.

Our mission is to care for individuals in a dignified, respectful manner while offering expert, evidence-based, holistic care.

“In 2016 – 94% of residents admitted to GreeneStone successfully completed the program”

Start the path to regaining your life today. Contact us to learn more or sign-up for our services.

Take the next step in your journey

Greenestone’s drug & alcohol Rehabilitation Center

  • Spacious, clean rooms feel like home and not an institution.
  • 43 acres of breathtaking scenery in tranquil, natural Muskoka.
  • Appetizing, healthy meals from a Red Seal Certified Chef.

GreeneStone Muskoka provides residential treatment for those struggling with alcohol/drug addiction along with other concurrent issues.

The first of its kind in Canada, GreeneStone Muskoka offers a customized, private and comfortable experience for professionals who are ready to make real changes in their lives. GreeneStone employs the best principles and practices currently available in the treatment of those with alcohol and drug addiction. We simultaneously treat residents with underlying or co-occurring disorders so that that treatment can be as comprehensive and effective as possible.

Stay in your own private room that gives you a sense of peace and relaxation. GreeneStone’s building was at one time a resort, and we have kept that sensibility to its design and atmosphere. Embrace the peace and tranquility of nature during your stay. GreeneStone sits in close proximity to some of the largest lakes in Muskoka. Finally, a comprehensive, healthy meal plan is a cornerstone to success. Our dining experience is crafted by our Red Seal Certified Chef, with 3 meals throughout the day. Take your meals communally with other residents in our stunning, well-light dining room.

Addiction Treatment Services We Offer

Compassionate, Client-centered treatment

  • Regain confidence, hope and trust in your life.
  • A range of therapy methods from group to individual counselling to family support to give you the tools for success.
  • Professional, courteous staff align your treatment plan with your belief system.

We are a client-centric treatment center, embracing diversity and honoring the need for autonomy, independence and privacy. GreeneStone’s values speak to the respectful and non-judgmental attitude to those who struggle with alcohol/drug addiction. The professional staff work collaboratively with residents to ensure that the treatment is aligned with personal beliefs while recognizing that fostering hope, courage and trust are integral factors in the recovery process. We provide excellence in care throughout the program stay. The healthcare professionals at GreeneStone work together in providing a practical and results-oriented approach. The various GreeneStone disciplines integrate their perspectives to ensure a seamless and full continuum of care for all residents. At GreeneStone, residents will engage in group therapy, education, and individual therapy. GreeneStone also works with family, friends and loved ones who are the resident’s core team support.

GreeneStone Muskoka holistic substance abuse rehabilitation

  • Focus on recovering your mind, body, emotional, relational and spiritual self.
  • Mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation for increased self awareness.

Cognitive: The ability to reason, plan and solve problems using critical thinking. Our decision-making skills can be affected during addiction, making it imperative to repair these systems.
Emotional: Our emotional intelligence is our ability to understand our own and other’s feelings and emotions. Addiction often masks the emotions and when we become sober we can become overwhelmed. GreeneStone helps to manage those emotions effectively.
Physical: A toll is take on the physical body during addiction. GreeneStone helps to repair the body’s function to return it to a state of balance.
Relational: Addiction often disconnects us from others. GreeneStone helps repair your relational intelligence, allowing you to reconstruct broken relationships and forge new ones through improved social interaction.
Spiritual: Spirituality can mean many different things to many different people. GreeneStone will help determine how your spirituality is aligned and how we can re-establish that part of you.