Alcohol and drug treatment centre

Alcohol & Drug
Treatment Centre

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A family will participate in Family Program for Addiction Recovery at GreeneStone in Ontario.

Family Strength Intensive

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Alcohol and drug treatment centre

Alcohol & Drug
Treatment Centre

Recovery is Possible Get help now
Alcohol and drug treatment centre

Alcohol & Drug
Treatment Centre

Recovery is Possible Get help now

About GreeneStone


Private Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre in Ontario

Overcoming the challenges of addiction and alcoholism can be incredibly difficult. At GreeneStone Centre for Recovery, we partner with you or your loved one to create an individualized treatment approach to achieve that goal through counselling and therapy.  GreeneStone is a CARF accredited, premier treatment facility providing a nurturing environment that promotes healing and long-term sustained recovery. The Centre is situated on over 40 acres near Lake Muskoka, just two hours north of Toronto.

GreeneStone offers several types of treatment plans, including Medical Detox, Primary Treatment, and Second Stage Treatment for extended counselling and support.  We are committed to providing this range of addiction treatment services to best meet our clients’ needs as they progress through the various stages of their recovery.

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Family Program Helps You Support Your Loved One Through Addiction Recovery

Build the skills and resilience you need to be there for a family member or friend in need.

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Family Strength Intensive Addiction Treatment Program in Muskoka Ontario
GreeneStone alcohol and drug treatment centre

GreeneStone is a premier, CARF accredited private residential treatment facility that prides itself on delivering a bespoke, client focused approach to recovery. The Centre offers Medical Detox, Primary Residential Treatment, a Young Adult Track and Second Stage Treatment for extended support.

At GreeneStone we recognize the importance of delivering treatment plans that are tailored to each client’s specific goals. Each of our client’s recovery journey starts with a biopsychosicial evaluation and a psychiatric assessment to help inform an individualized and holistic treatment plan.

The Centre is situated on over 40 acres near Lake Muskoka, in a nurturing environment that promotes healing and long-term sustained recovery.

GreeneStone has been helping our clients kick-start their recovery journey for over a decade. Our Intake team is available to help everyone who calls the Centre make the best choices for their recovery and will provide support, regardless of what path each individual decides to take. If you are ready to take the first step into a life of freedom, contact us today at 1.855.955.5501, or
“At GreeneStone, we honour and celebrate the diversity of our clients. Our inclusive community is a welcoming and safe place for all.”

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GreeneStone Testimonials


When I checked into GreeneStone in March 2020, I was underweight, overwhelmed with life, terrified, on the edge of self-destruction and full of shame.

GreeneStone’s holistic approach was immediately supportive, loving and non-judgmental. Every step of the way I was lovingly guided and supported by many of the highly experienced Therapists and Recovery Coaches. They helped me to lay out the puzzle pieces of my childhood trauma and discover healthy ways to manage my emotions and life struggles. The daily education sessions, participation in process groups and the Centre’s amazing amenities gave me a better understanding of my addictions and a strong sense of community and connection.

Through my time with GreeneStone’s Trauma Therapist I learned about the concept of fear versus trust and how to tackle my anxiety from within, rather than relying on outside sources to soothe the feelings of discomfort. Their hyper-focused treatment environment taught me to place more trust in myself and that our substance use is a symptom of our trauma, rather than the original problem – this concept changed absolutely everything for me!

GreeneStone’s team continues to work with those who have completed treatment by providing excellent aftercare, two weekly Alumni Zoom meetings and additional peer support opportunities. I am grateful to have had the gift of treatment and will hold the memories of my time in beautiful Muskoka forever in my heart.

Today I am an addict living in recovery. I am full of hope, optimism, spirituality and feeling it all. Simply put, GreeneStone gave me my life back.

Alumnus – May 2020

I came in with a significant addiction that had gained full control of my life. Through my time at GreeneStone I began the process of recovery and freedom from alcohol.  As important as that was, my life was also significantly impacted by the breadth of the program material.  I learned many things about my alcoholism, who I am as a person, why I think as I did, why I responded as I did to circumstances, and this helped me begin to identify the values that matter to me as I live this new life in sobriety.

The facilities, food, and program are a blessing for those seeking a new beginning.  Perhaps the biggest blessing is the staff. At all times I was treated with kindness, and respect. They listened, challenged and helped me process my life journey and my experiences with addiction. The multidisciplinary approach was so appreciated. My intellect, emotions and faith were challenged, encouraged and explored safely and competently. I will be forever grateful.

Finally, I am so grateful for the aftercare provided. The care and concern did not end after I left. Whether through phone calls, emails or weekly zoom connections they have helped me solidify both my sobriety and life change after the program.

Thank you to GreeneStone. My life is forever different because of GreeneStone and its work in my life.

Alumnus – October 2019

When I hit my bottom with my alcoholism, I did some research on treatment centres. Your programs, facilities and approach to addiction treatment attracted me. This was my first attempt at recovery and the first thing I have ever done for myself. “All of my life I never felt I was where I needed to be,” until I arrived at GreeneStone.

My gratitude list is just way too long to list, I just can’t say enough about GreeneStone. Thank you for giving me the support, knowledge, and tools I required to start what I feel will be “the most beautiful chapter of my life.”

GreeneStone will always be a part of me for the rest of life.

Alumnus – May 2019

The amazing nurses made sure I was comfortable through stabilization (way easier than I thought) then continued care during my stay.

The therapists and counsellors were actively engaged in my recovery and went above and beyond making time for me anytime I needed them. Non-judgmental conversations with staff and other clients was very refreshing. I made lifelong friends.

The breathtaking Muskoka scenery brought me closer to my spiritual self. The world class chef, programming and amenities gave me the opportunity to get emotionally and physically fit. I left a new and improved person with a zest for living, equipped with the tools and attitude to continue through my journey of recovery.

Greenstone not only saved my life but gave me a better life!

Alumnus – August 2017

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