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GreeneStone is a private rehabilitation facility in Muskoka, Ontario that is known for providing quality drug and alcohol treatment across Canada. The facility helps men and women who struggle with substance abuse disorders and concurrent conditions recover and regain control over their lives. We offer inpatient residential and outpatient services, based on condition and need.

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Helping Individuals Recover From All Forms of Substance Abuse

GreeneStone has helped many individuals who have abused alcohol or illegal or prescription drugs recover from their addiction or substance abuse and reclaim their lives. Using a holistic approach, GreeneStone:

  • Helps individuals accept and acknowledge that they have a problem.
  • Teaches individuals to recognize their patterns of troublesome behavior.
  • Provides individuals with the tools they need to recover from substance abuse or addiction.
  • Supports individuals and their families through the recovery process.

Contact GreeneStone at 1-844-955-5501 or use the form below to discuss your needs.

A Personalised Approach To Recovery

At GreeneStone, we recognize the individual and strive to provide the best possible care utilizing the most advanced methodology based on the unique needs of each person. Residents of GreeneStone are given the tools they need to begin transforming their lives as they work to achieve balance in the areas of cognition, emotions, relationships, spirituality, and physical well-being.

Our professional staff provide education, individual therapy, and group therapy. Residents may also participate in our adjunct amenities such as the indoor/outdoor pool, fitness center, massage, yoga classes, tennis courts, and trails.

Post-treatment care is an important part of long-term recovery. To support an individual’s sustained success, family members and loved ones are invited to participate in the recovery process. This type of all-encompassing, continuing care is crucial to the success of our residents and helps to maintain motivation after they leave GreeneStone.

To learn more about our treatment programs and modalities, please call 1-844-955-5501 or use the form below.

About GreeneStone

GreeneStone has been providing comprehensive residential substance abuse treatment in Muskoka, ON since 2011. Our facility is located on 43 tranquil acres, providing residents with an ideal environment for healing, introspection, growth, and recovery.

Facility staff provide compassionate care for our residents who often feel vulnerable as they take steps towards recovery. Patients are guaranteed safety, privacy, and respect so that they can begin healing.

GreeneStone has been awarded the following CARF Accreditations:

  • Detox (Stabilization) / Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Inpatient Treatment / Alcohol & Other Drugs

Call GreeneStone at 1-844-955-5501 or use the form below to learn more about our residential program options.

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