Cannabis Addiction Treatment in Ontario

Cannibis Addiction Treatment & Support For Your Recovery

Seeking out marijuana addiction treatment could provide you with the best opportunity to overcome the challenges you have, improve your overall emotional, physical, and mental health, and help you understand addiction fully.

With the quality of care we offer at GreeneStone Centre for Recovery, you can expect exceptional support and addiction recovery that’s supported by proven treatment methods. When you need cannabis addiction treatment in Ontario, contact our centre for immediate support.

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Potential Negative Effects of Cannabis

Marijuana addiction rehab is a necessary step for anyone consistently using cannabis products. Cannabis, also known as pot or weed, is addictive, though not everyone who uses it will develop an addiction. Cannabis use disorder develops over time when a person uses the drug on a consistent basis or uses large amounts. When this occurs, a person who wants to stop using cannot because they may be physically or mentally addicted and dependent on the substance.

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When to Seek Help: The Signs of Cannabis Addiction

How do you know when you should find a marijuana addiction rehab centre? Rehab treatment may be important to you if you have any negative consequences from your use. This includes a loss of control over your use. In these situations, drug addiction treatment is necessary. Some examples of the signs that you may need a marijuana addiction rehab program include the following:

  • Using more cannabis than before and struggling to get the same effect
  • Feeling withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it
  • Difficulty maintaining responsibilities at home, work, or in school
  • Pulling away from other people and spending a lot of time thinking about cannabis use
  • Constantly needing to use marijuana, even more so than before
  • Hiding how much you are using from friends and family
  • Engaging in increasingly risky behaviour
  • Cannabis induced psychosis

In these situations, treatment specialists may be necessary to help you to overcome these challenges. A care program can provide you with exceptional support through individual counselling designed to address your needs.

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Overcome Marijuana Addiction With Personalized Treatment

A key step in understanding cannabis and knowing when to seek treatment rehab is to understand withdrawal. If you feel ill, experience nervousness, or are aggressive or angry when you are unable to access weed, it could be because your body and mind is dependent on the substance. In this situation, it is quite important to seek help from addiction rehab centres because it can be very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to stop using on your own. With the help of a professional location and personalized treatment options, you can overcome marijuana withdrawal and addiction even when it feels impossible to do so right now.

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Steps to Starting Cannabis Treatment in Ontario

The road to recovery requires finding the right marijuana rehab centres for your unique needs. A variety of treatment programs exist that may provide help to you. Here are a few things to think about during this process.

Recognize the Importance of Getting Help at a Marijuana Rehab Centre

Before you can seek cannabis addiction and mental health help, consider what has occurred and why. If you have experienced a change in your self-image or the way you think about others, that could indicate a need for help. If you have extreme mood changes and are struggling with day-to-day tasks, seek help. Being willing to talk about your physical and psychological dependence to marijuana may make the first step easier. Reach out to drug rehabs with programs designed for cannabis specifically. Then, learn more about what they offer.

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Consider the Types of Therapy Available

Does the treatment facility offer a range of therapy services? This could include:

Withdrawal Management: This type of program is beneficial to those experiencing withdrawal symptoms. There are medications and a holistic approach available to help you to break this marijuana addiction in these programs.

Inpatient Treatment: Most often, the best level of drug treatment is residential treatment, where you will live at the treatment centre for a period of time. During this time, you will receive a variety of types of treatment to help you, including support for your physical and emotional needs.

Virtual and Outpatient Care: Some treatment centers offer an opportunity for you to get care while living at home if you have a mild level of addiction and a safe living environment.

All rehab centres are different. Be sure to pay close attention to the type of treatment plan they offer, including the types of therapy and onsite amenities that could help you.

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Why GreeneStone is the Right Marijuana Rehab Centre for You

As you look at the options, you have in a treatment provider, carefully consider the options in care available to you from GreeneStone Centre for Recovery. We offer inpatient treatment designed to support your very best outcome. Our inpatient rehab provides you with access to the very best care, including:

Addiction affects people in many ways, Yet, here at GreeneStone, we recognize the whole person by providing care that’s focused on your emotional and physical needs along with your spiritual and relational needs as well.

We build a strong cannabis treatment program that includes behavioural therapy, relapse prevention, and holistic care that can include your family and loved ones. When you choose us as your treatment provider, you can expect outstanding support for your long-term recovery. We also honour diversity and help you to find your way forward with care and compassion.

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GreeneStone Facility that offers Addiction Treatment and Detox in Ontario.

Contact GreeneStone to Take the Next Step Towards Recovery

Cannabis addiction treatment centres in Ontario can help you to overcome your addiction. GreeneStone Centre for Recovery is available to help you today.

We encourage you to take action by contacting us to learn more about each of our addiction treatment programs and options, providing you with exceptional access to the best level of help available. When you are ready to explore the care options available to you in cannabis addiction treatment in Ontario, contact our team to discuss your needs.

We know this is a hard decision, but our treatment centres can provide you with everything you need to thrive. Contact GreeneStone Centre for Recovery today to get started.


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The Side Effects of Cannabis Addiction

The short-term side effects

In the short term, a person using cannabis may feel a sense of euphoria or high. You may have heightened sight, taste, and smell. While this may feel good initially, it can create damage to your brain with consistent use. The short-term effects on the brain may include:

  • Confusion
  • Difficulty remembering
  • Problems with concentration and focus
  • Limited ability to pay attention or react fast
  • Anxiety and panic

On your body, short-term use of cannabis may cause:

  • Damage to blood vessels if you are smoking it
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Rapid heart rate including the risk of a heart attack

It may also cause paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations for some people.

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The long-term effects

If you are using cannabis and finding it hard to stop using, it can cause withdrawal symptoms like most other drugs and alcohol if you’ve used it for a long time.

Some of the damage to the brain over the long term may include:

  • Memory problems
  • Concentration problems
  • A drop in intellect due to cognition changes
  • Difficulty with decision making

For those who smoke it over the long term, it may also cause physical effects like:

Also, note that it can cause damage to those who are pregnant, including impacting a child’s health, memory, ability to pay attention, and hyperactive behaviour.

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