Family Program for Addiction Recovery

Our family program helps you support your loved one through addiction recovery

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person with a substance use disorder. It’s a disease that affects the whole family. At GreeneStone, our clients’ families receive compassionate support from our team of qualified therapists as part of our intensive inpatient recovery program.

Our 3-day Family Program will take this support to the next level, providing all the skills and tools families need to heal so that they can be a source of strength for their loved one who may or may not yet be in recovery. 

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Family Program for Addiction Recovery in Ontario.

How our Family Program helps with addiction recovery 

This innovative new program takes a holistic approach to healing, combining several types of therapy for the best possible results:

  • Group therapy sessions 
  • Learning and educational sessions about addiction 
  • Skill-based workshops to build confidence in supporting others wherever they are in their recovery journey 

Alongside peers who are going through similar experiences, participants build resilience and strength in a judgement-free environment that fosters personal growth. We set families up for success so that they can be a pillar of support for their loved one, while strengthening coping mechanisms and self-care practices 

As much as we care about our loved ones, we can’t truly help others until we help ourselves, first. The truth is supporting someone struggling with addiction is exhausting. It doesn’t take long for your energy to be depleted by lost sleep, conflict and worry. At Greenestone, you enjoy your own private space surrounded by nature, allowing you to rest, recharge and rebuild your emotional and physical wellbeing. 

Who should Enroll 

This program is perfect for anyone who has a family member or friend with a history of addiction, whether or not they are currently in recovery. 

A family is eating dinner after GreeneStone's Family Program for Addiction Recovery

Program Details 

Length: 3 full days 

Fee: $2,950

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The first step to enrolling in our program is to speak with a member of our team. 

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