What Is Two-Stage Addiction Recovery?

At GreeneStone, we are committed to helping you progress through each stage of recovery. For most clients, this journey begins with Inpatient Treatment. This program helps you break free from addictive behaviours and create healthy, sustainable habits as you find success and freedom in long-term recovery. Most clients are amazed at the profound changes they experience in body, mind and spirit. Yet, this transformation can be fragile, especially in the early stages of recovery.

Second Stage Treatment continues to stabilize the foundation built in our Inpatient Treatment program, making a substance-free living even more attainable.

The Benefits of GreeneStone’s Two-Stage Addiction Recovery Model

Our Second Stage program serves as a sanctuary for clients who need more time to heal. While some clients only require Inpatient Treatment, adding this second step to your addiction treatment plan offers many benefits:

  • Continued healing: Long-term substance misuse can alter the brain and body’s normal functioning. What’s more, it often causes psychological trauma. Extended treatment gives you more time to heal physically and emotionally.
  • Relapse prevention: Some clients are not ready to face the harmful influences of the outside world. In fact, most addiction experts agree that good outcomes are more attainable the longer someone stays in treatment. With our two-stage recovery model, there is no rush to return to the normal demands of life, or put your recovery at risk.
  • Structured living: After months or even years of living with the chaos of addiction, our Second Stage program reteaches structure and routine.
  • Continued support: Clients build bonds with one another and with the GreeneStone team, regaining vital socialization skills and creating a lasting support network.

Learn More About Our Two-Step Addiction Treatment Programs

Once your addiction treatment program comes to an end, you should feel secure about your ability to cope with everyday life. At GreeneStone, we want to make sure your recovery has a stable foundation. If you would like to learn how we couple our Inpatient Treatment with Second Stage Treatment, please contact us today.

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