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Testimonials From Our GreeneStone Resident Alumni

Hear what some of our past residents had to say about our recovery program, treatment services, amenities and facilities.

  • “In March, I spent a month as a client at Greenestone and it was a very positive experience. The building and grounds are welcoming, very attractive, and private. My room was comfortably equipped, with private bathroom.
    Program was up to date, very informative, and the schedule varied enough to allow time for both study and physical exercise. Medication was built in to the formal programming and recommended as part of a healthy lifestyle.
    Meals were both nutritious and delicious and the dining room was intimate enough to make meal hours something to look forward to.
    Last, but by far most important, staff was well chosen, knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. I would not hesitate to recommend Greenestone to anyone searching for a treatment facility for addiction.”
    74 year old female, Niagara ON
    August 18th 2017
  • “Deciding to seek treatment for addiction is the single greatest decision I’ve ever made. My eventual choice for a facility was Greenestone and it is a choice I am glad I made. Greenestone is a fantastic facility for a number of reasons. The educational value at Greenestone is incredible. I learned so much about both the emotional and physical sides of addiction. Gaining knowledge of the neurological aspects of addiction was a real help to me. The councelors are wonderful, helpful and compassionate. The rest of the staff are also very friendly and caring. Greenestone’s holistic approach to treatment was a very good fit for my needs. It is not institutional in any way. Residents are treated as adults with choice (and with choice, accountability). Finally, opportunity for bonding with fellow residents is plentiful. For me, developing close bonds with my fellow residents and forming a sense of community was instrumental in allowing me to really dive in and take advantage of all that Greenestone has to offer. I am of the opinion that anyone considering the decision to seek treatment for addiction would benefit greatly by choosing Greenestone. I certainly gleaned priceless benefit and will hold a special place in my heart for this facility the rest of my life.”
    41 year old male, Bracebridge ON
    July 20th 2017
  • “I came through the gates of Greenestone spiritually, emotionally, and physically broken; ready to do whatever it takes to pull out of my downward spiral. The amazing nurses made sure I was comfortable through stabilization (way easier than I thought) then continued care during my stay.
    The therapists and councelors were actively engaged in my recovery and went above and beyond making time for me anytime I needed them. Non-judgmental conversations with staff and other clients was very refreshing. I made lifelong friends.
    The breathtaking Muskoka scenery brought me closer to my spiritual self. The world class chef, programming and amenities gave me the opportunity to get emotionally and physically fit. I left a new and improved person with a zest for living, equipped with the tools and attitude to continue through my journey of recovery.
    Greenstone not only saved my life but gave me a better life!”
    52 year old male, Toronto ON
    August 1st 2017
  • “The Greenestone team and approach broke through my resistance and introduced me to ways that positively changed my life. To start, Greenestone was the only treatment center to answer the phone on a Sunday morning. I checked in that afternoon. I had been an addict for 20 years and of course didn’t really think I had a problem. Going into treatment seemed excessive but I was broken and didn’t know what else to do. My time at Greenestone opened my eyes and through the team’s support and counselling I learned to feel comfortable in my skin. I never thought a life without drinking and drugging was possible…. but it is and it’s better than I ever imagine! If you are reading this wondering if this is the right step for you I strongly recommend giving them a call to discuss. An extra nudge, the food is phenomenal! And the facilities and surrounding environment are beautiful. Many thanks Greenestone!”
    Female, Alumnus 2017
  • “I had a great experience at GreeneStone. I went in 2013 and it was great for me. I needed a program that allowed some flexibility. I’ve been to a more structured/military type program and it didn’t work with my personality. I needed something like GreeneStone that offered me the tools. It’s good for people who are highly motivated to get better. I really enjoyed the program and came out learning a lot. I really liked the staff and had a good experience with the doctors that were there. I enjoyed the facilities such as using the weight room and being by the lake. The CA’s (clinical associates) who have personal experience were very helpful as well. I have now finished my masters and am working full time. If there’s a place to get better, that’s the place!”
    45 year old female
    Alumnus 2016