A day in the life of a client at GreeneStone

It’s November in Muskoka, which means snow! Don’t forget to bundle up when you are heading down to our main building for breakfast. Served buffet style, the smell of freshly cooked bacon, eggs, and pancakes wafting from our breakfast nook nothing less than inviting. Overlooking Lake Muskoka with the morning news playing softly in the background, GreeneStone’s Muskoka Room is the perfect spot to enjoy your morning cup of coffee or tea.

Morning check-in group is the official start to a productive day of learning and personal growth, it brings staff and clients together to share openly and honestly in a safe and supportive environment. Each resident takes a turn describing how they feel in their chair at that moment and then has a chance to answer the random question of the day. Most days the questions are meant to be thought-provoking such as “What is one self-care activity can you do for yourself today” or “What relationship do you need to pay attention to today” but some times they are just for plain old fun such as “If you could be the lead role in any movie, what would it be”. This group allows for more than just a reading of morning announcements but a sense of connectedness within the earliest stages of recovery.

After a quick coffee break, it’s time to split up for process groups. The biggest rule of process group: what happens in process group, stays in process group. Group therapy presents an opportunity to bring issues and concerns to a group of your peers for discussion and feedback. Led by our counseling team, be prepared to have your behaviours and beliefs challenged, in a kind and compassionate manner of course!

Each member of our clinical team has the opportunity to facilitate an education session on a recovery-based topic they are passionate about. Our skilled clinicians offer a variety of subjects including addiction in the brain, trauma, grief, and loss, substitution, distorted thinking, shame, and guilt, just to name of few. Although our staff members at GreeneStone could talk recovery all day, these sessions are not strictly lecture style – rather interactive, discussion-based classes with an emphasis on awareness and implementing practical skills in recovery.

After a healthy and delicious lunch, its time to sit down for an individual session or two. Afternoons at GreeneStone look different for each of our residents. You may have a session with your primary therapist, who you will be matched with according to your specific needs, or maybe today you will be seeing our one of our spiritual or trauma therapists. Did you know we also offer private sessions with a massage therapist and personal trainer? If you don’t have anything scheduled, try out our in-house yoga classes or take a refreshing nap in your private suite.

Following our afternoon education session, with the perfect amount of free time before dinner, head over to our fitness centre, equipped with cardio and weight rooms, an indoor swimming pool, and yoga studio. Or take a long peaceful walk one of our trails that span over our 43 acres of prime Muskoka wilderness. On the menu tonight: lobster ravioli with a lobster bisque cream sauce accompanied by a fresh salad bar; but don’t worry is seafood isn’t for you, our skilled chefs would be more than happy to accommodate your nutritional needs.

We like to end our days with an evening check out group. We want all of our clients to have the opportunity to wind down after a long day of education and therapy. But don’t head to bed yet, our 12-step programming is our last session of the day. GreeneStone hosts Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous three days per week. Every other night we provide transportation and support to our local community 12 step programs in Gravenhurst, Bala, and Port Carling. Our clinical associates are more than happy to support you working though the steps or connecting with a temporary sponsor.

It’s finally time for bed, if you have attended our Sleep Hygiene class you should be well versed in practicing your bedtime routine. Snuggle up and get some rest, tomorrow is a new day.

Recovery is Possible

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