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Best Locations for Addiction Rehab

January 10, 2022

Asking for help or addiction treatment is the first step towards recovery and rebuilding relationships. Addiction treatment centres are full of professionals who care about helping people make the best choices for their recovery. Discover treatment center styles and decide which one you prefer.  Types of Addiction Treatment Centres Several treatment programs exist so people […]

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What to Expect at Inpatient Rehab

If you’re a new client at an inpatient rehab facility, you may be curious about how your days will look, whether you’re involved in a short-term or long-term treatment program. While each day can bring about new possibilities, you’ll follow a standard daily routine filled with activities, therapy and meetings. If you think rehab is […]

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The Surprising Truth about Creating Healthy Habits in Addiction Recovery

July 20, 2020

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act but a habit.”   Maybe Aristotle was on to something here. Often when we hear the word ‘habit’ we immediately put these actions into ‘good’ or ‘bad’ categories. Getting up early, exercising, eating healthy = good. Smoking, binge-watching Netflix, eating chips = bad. However, […]

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‘My experience while at GreeneStone’
An interview with a past client

May 28, 2020

The following interview was conducted with a GreeneStone Alumni who completed our 45-Day Residential Treatment Program in early 2019. Q: Where was your life at before coming to GreeneStone? A: It was a disaster, I couldn’t go on the way I was living, I was out of options. A friend of mine had been through […]

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How Does Green Space Help With Addiction Recovery?

Maintaining a sober, healthy life is a continual battle for many people dealing with substance use disorders. The daily ups and downs associated with managing symptoms and cravings can feel overwhelming. People often think counseling, group support and patience are the only essential ingredients for their road to recovery. However, don’t overlook the value of spending time in nature. What Is Green Space? […]

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