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Environmental Risk Factors for Developing an Addiction

June 21, 2022

Substance use disorder is a complex disease often caused by a combination of factors. While nature vs. nurture remains an ongoing debate in addiction research, experts are beginning to believe that the situation is far more complicated. For instance, research suggests that external factors might have the same impact on addiction development as genetic predisposition. […]

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What Are Some Healthy Ways to Cope With Anxiety During a Pandemic?

January 10, 2022

Everyone has experienced anxiety to some degree. Whether it’s a teenager worried about an upcoming exam or an adult stressed about reaching an important work deadline, feelings of anxiety and stress are part of our daily life. However, there’s a difference between feeling stressed about particular events and struggling with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders […]

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Best Locations for Addiction Rehab

Asking for help or addiction treatment is the first step towards recovery and rebuilding relationships. Addiction treatment centres are full of professionals who care about helping people make the best choices for their recovery. Discover treatment center styles and decide which one you prefer.  Types of Addiction Treatment Centres Several treatment programs exist so people […]

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Heart Health and Drug Addiction

Man has heart attack
November 11, 2021

Your heart is a critical organ and keeping it healthy is crucial. There are multiple connections between drug misuse and heart health issues. According to research by the Addiction Center, opioid users are more likely to develop a heart condition throughout their life. Addiction treatment, heart care and a healthy lifestyle can lead to improved recovery and […]

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Parenting While Managing Addiction

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Substance misuse can stem from various everyday stressors, from planning all the kids’ activities to your job. While parenting and recovering from addiction simultaneously can be challenging, sobriety is the best decision for you and your family. Recovery can open new doors for you as you embrace healthy coping mechanisms and learn to repair your relationship […]

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