How to Approach a Loved One About Seeking Addiction Treatment

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Watching someone you care about struggle with addiction can be incredibly difficult, and talking to them about seeking addiction treatment may seem equally challenging. When you approach talking to a loved one about getting treatment for an addiction, it’s important to go about it in the right way. Keep in mind these few key considerations as you prepare for the conversation.

1. Look for Signs of Addiction

Before you approach your loved one about addiction, pay attention to their behavior patterns and make careful observations. That way,  you’ll have some tangible and constructive observations to discuss with them.

In particular, watch for signs such as:

  • Trouble working or focusing efficiently.
  • Mental health struggles.
  • Boasts or complaints about high levels of substance use.
  • Frequent illnesses and absences.
  • Increased reckless behavior while under the influence.

If you see these indicators of addiction in your loved one’s life, it might be time to sit down and have a careful conversation with them about what’s happening and what they can do about it.

2. Approach the Conversation Constructively

Start your conversation with what you’ve been noticing. Gently identify specific behaviors you’re seeing in your loved one and explain why they’re causing you concern. Then ask them about their experiences and try to help them identify what is happening in their lives.

If your loved one is willing to talk about it, a gentle conversation might help them acknowledge that they have an addiction. If they’re not open to talking about it or deny your observations, ask if you can discuss it again without pressuring them.

Wherever your conversation goes, avoid being accusatory or threatening in any way. Express your deep care and concern for your loved one, offer your unconditional support and encourage them to seek help for their own benefit.

3. Suggest Appropriate Next Steps

If your loved one is willing to acknowledge that they’re struggling, listen with an open mind to what they have to say. If they seem receptive, bring up some resources and suggestions to help them move forward.

  • Find professional help: Whether it’s a program, therapist or inpatient treatment facility, suggest qualified providers they can trust to help.
  • Seek out a supportive community: Explore recovery communities such as Narcotics Anonymous in the local area and encourage your loved one to get involved.
  • Help them seek ongoing treatment: Check in on your loved one, help them schedule appointments and encourage them as they move toward recovery.

Help Your Loved One Get the Care They Need at GreeneStone

If you’re seeking addiction treatment in Ontario for your loved one, GreeneStone is here to help. We offer inpatient treatment and medical detox treatments as well as continuing care to help the person you love find freedom from addiction. With individualized treatment plans customized to your loved one’s specific needs, we’ll ensure that they can get the best possible service.

For more information on seeking treatment, get in touch with us today.

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