How to Determine If a Private Rehab Facility Is Right for You

Canada is home to thousands of private rehab facilities that provide treatment to aid your recovery from substance use disorders and other concurrent diagnoses. With so many options available for care, you can find the facility that’s right for you and meets all of your needs.

Selecting the right facility is vital to giving yourself the best opportunity to reach your recovery goals. To begin the process of selecting a private rehab facility, you’ll need to consider several factors, narrow down your options and compare potential treatment programs to ensure you’re entering the right facility.

Factors for Choosing the Right Addiction Rehab Facility

The most important private rehab criteria to examine when evaluating a facility include cost, location, services and staffing information.


The price you’re willing or able to pay for your treatment is one of the most important factors in selecting a private rehab facility. Pricing varies greatly depending on several factors, including the facility, your course of treatment and the length of your stay.

Most rehab centres are at least partially covered by your insurance. Determine what you can afford to pay by speaking with your provider to find out what’s covered. Consider how you might pay for anything not covered.


Your rehab facility’s location can greatly influence your recovery process. It should be largely determined by your personal priorities and circumstances.

If you have a strong support system of family and friends at home, you may want to stay nearby to allow for visits. Conversely, traveling farther away to begin rehab allows you to remove yourself from your everyday life and get a fresh start at your facility.


The perfect rehab facility for you will have the exact services and treatments you need to reach your recovery goals. Consider the services offered by each one, including their program lengths, treatment options and facility amenities.

Some facilities can only handle certain aspects of recovery, like detoxification, while others provide ongoing care for alumni even after you’ve left rehab. Look for private rehab facilities that offer evidence-based treatments with personalized plans for individual care. See whether the rehab has any specialties that align with your treatment needs.


When selecting the right rehab facility, the staff’s quality and quantity are both important factors. Your facility’s staff should have the skills and training required to assist you in your recovery. They should be relatable and compassionate, helping you feel important and cared for.

The facility should employ enough staff members to provide one-on-one care for each client.

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