Signs You May Be Struggling
With An Addiction

Signs of Addiction

Nobody begins their day celebrating their addiction or looking to start one. These using habits are subtle and develop quickly.

Alcohol, drug, sex, and gambling addictions do not start the first day, they are developed slowly over time. Many addicts will blame their surroundings, family history, or defend their behaviour with denial. Surroundings can support the addiction, but do not cause it. Family history can heighten the risk vulnerability to addiction, but it is not a guarantee that you will develop an addiction. Denial is the biggest hurdle someone with an addiction can face. If you’re worried you might be dependent on something — whether it is drugs, alcohol, sex, or anything else — here are some common signs you may be challenged with an addiction.

1. You keep doing it even though there are negative consequences

You may notice that you are avoiding detrimental consequences. Have you noticed that you are risking performance at work, all of a sudden making the bill payments seems harder with less money in your account, or you wake up and realize you are lucky to be alive because you ‘partied so hard’ the night before?

If these feelings are more frequent, you may have developed an addiction. Especially if you know the risks, feel regret or shame the next day, but are quickly willing to return to the behaviour. Pursuing an addiction often means that normal warning signs, like detrimental consequences for other aspects of your life, don’t have the impact they would on more regulated behaviour.

2. It feels like a void when you are not using the substance

Do you feel irritable when you are not doing it? Find you think about it when at work or busy doing something else? When you stop for a couple of days do you have flu-like symptoms? Feel depressed when you are not doing drugs? Withdrawal is most well-known when it comes to substance abuse.

3. You are keeping your using and drinking activities to yourself

Hiding what you are doing from friends? Not telling your partner where you are going because you are embarrassed? Do you hide it from people because you know it is wrong? This actually tends to be a sign for others in your family or circle of friends, rather than one you may notice yourself.

4.  You can’t seem to stop yourself

Addiction is essentially an interference with your impulse control. You know it is not a good habit, the right way to live, or feel that you should stop or slow down. You recognize it, but convince yourself that it is okay and you will worry about it tomorrow. Sadly, the addiction is calling the shots, and has prevented you from controlling your behaviours or decisions.

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