Addiction Treatment Programs for Indigenous Peoples

Deciding to seek help for your or your loved one’s substance use disorder is the beginning step down the road to recovery. Your next step is to research and look for treatment facility options that include the services you or your loved one need and an expert staff to help during the recovery process. If your preferred treatment facility includes spiritual and traditional treatment options that align with your values and beliefs as an Indigenous person, check out GreeneStone Centre for Recovery.

GreeneStone offers an Indigenous Healing Track that focuses its treatments on spiritual and holistic methods in partnership with local Indigenous communities. Read on to learn more about this treatment program and how various treatment methods can help you in recovery.

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GreeneStone offers an indigenous healing track that focuses its treatments on spiritual and holistic methods in partnership with local indigenous communities.

Thank You for Considering GreeneStone

As there are many locations to reach out to for treatment, we appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the services and treatment options that GreeneStone has to offer. With incredible resources for recovery and a stunning location, we are proud of the services we offer.

You’ll find GreeneStone in a naturally beautiful and peaceful area in Ontario, just next to Lake Muskoka. The centre is situated on over 40 acres of land with two ponds, plenty of walking and hiking trails and numerous areas to take a seat and relax. Enjoy a long list of amenities like swimming pools, basketball courts, gym facilities, tennis courts and a yoga studio. GreenStone supports activities and resources that benefit your overall health and wellness.

GreenStone’s brilliant location makes it a perfect treatment centre for year-round care, with changing seasons bringing new attributes to the facility.

The most important aspect of GreenStone is that we provide treatment plans individualized for every client. Everyone’s journey through recovery is unique, and creating a personalized treatment care plan based on your or your loved one’s recovery needs is what GreeneStone does best

GreeneStone's Indigenous Healing Track

Our Programming With Traditional and Spiritual Practices

Indigenous persons searching for a treatment program catered toward their needs and beliefs is why we implemented the Indigenous Healing Track at GreeneStone. We aim to help people heal from cultural challenges and generational trauma and tackle personal goals in our peaceful and safe environment. GreeneStone’s treatment programs are created to help each person find the best road to recovery.

With the various types of treatment available and the Indigenous Healing Track, individuals seeking help can find healthy coping methods, recovery skills, educational resources, individual counseling sessions, traditional therapy and spiritual therapy at GreeneStone.

Some aspects included in the Indigenous Healing Track include:

  • Indigenous art therapy
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Land-based teachings
  • Trauma therapy
  • Daily peer support
  • Recreation amenities
  • Education sessions on recovery and addiction
  • Individual sessions with a Recovery Coach and Primary Therapist

This addiction treatment program is beneficial for Indigenous persons because it helps target and treat culturally specific obstacles and generational trauma, thanks to help from local Indigenous groups who collaborate with our coordinators and staff. All clients will experience immediate intake procedures, regular drug testing during the stay, work on recovery skills and coping methods in real-time, have access to continual support and resources after treatment and experience many more benefits that make this treatment centre and programs some of the best

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Spiritual and holistic treatment options aim to impact more of a person than simply their physical body.

Benefits of Spiritual and Holistic Treatment

Spiritual and holistic treatment options aim to impact more of a person than simply their physical body. These types of treatment help heal the whole person since substance use disorder is a disease that greatly impacts a person’s mental, social, spiritual and emotional health. Including holistic and spiritual treatment options helps provide a well-rounded treatment program for individuals who will thrive off of these practices.

It’s important to note that these holistic and spiritual treatment options work alongside clinical treatments. Combining the two helps aid in the recovery process and provides healing in numerous aspects of a person’s life.

Holistic treatments can help people recovering from substance use disorder by helping them connect their body, mind and spirit throughout the recovery process. Many benefits come from holistic and spiritual treatments, including:

  • Helps promote relaxation
  • Teaches safe and healthy coping methods
  • Helps clients determine their inner strengths and handle problems
  • Eases some of the withdrawal symptoms
  • Improves comfort discussing the underlying causes of their substance use
  • Encourages long-term recovery
  • Enhances self-esteem and self-worth
  • Helps clients have a better chance at reaching their treatment goals

You can encounter a variety of holistic and spiritual treatment options at GreeneStone. All of these complementary treatments have different benefits and work best for various individuals. We offer a variety of healing opportunities through music, movement, and connecting in the community. You can also try meditation, yoga, art therapy, mindfulness practices, massage, exercise, sports, nutritional counseling and more helpful holistic treatment ideas.

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Benefits of Traditional Treatment

Clinical treatments are GreenStone can include therapy and medical detox. Both work effectively to help people recover from their substance use disorder and can be combined with spiritual or holistic therapy options.

Many treatments begin with a supervised medical detox, a withdrawal management treatment. Withdrawal describes the process of ridding the addictive substance from a client’s body with medical supervision. This helps ensure the medical detox process is safe and provides a productive start to the client’s recovery process. 

Client’s who participate in GreeneStone’s medical detox treatment can benefit from:

  • Private rooms for each client.
  • Quick adjustments in medication.
  • 24-hour supervision from facility staff.
  • Continual medical supervision for a safe withdrawal process.
  • Easy access to medical staff to prescribe medication as-needed for withdrawal symptoms, detox and cravings.

After the medical detox, clients can immerse themselves in the community at GreeneStone to enjoy all of the amenities and activities throughout their recovery process.

Our Community

The community at GreeneStone and the programs that allow clients to connect with others are some of the best aspects of this treatment centre. The Indigenous treatment programs and resources available at GreeneStone welcome more clients into the helpful and stunning community at the facility. Client’s can navigate their recovery process through traditional Indigenous ceremonies.

GreeneStone sits on over 40 acres to explore with outdoor activities like fishing, skating, walking and hiking. Client’s can also enjoy more activity and wellness amenities during their stay and socialize with others in the facility.

Our team is made of skilled individuals whose lives have been touched by addiction in some way, making us even more passionate about delivering effective, personalized care. GreeneStone’s Indigenous Healing Coordinator is an urban Indigenous person dedicated to guiding others along the healing path emphasizing culture and heritage.

Clients can participate in an Alumni program after completing treatment at GreeneStone. This allows these individuals to give back to the GreeneStone community and connect with others who complete the program and attend Alumni gatherings.

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If you’re looking for addiction treatment programs for Indigenous persons or treatment programs in a beautiful area of Ontario, consider GreeneStone. Contact us today to learn more about our Indigenous Healing Track and how we can help you on your journey through recovery.

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My addiction had nearly killed me and I was on the verge of losing everything. I knew that I had to get help and deal with devastating  trauma. As an Anishinaabe person, my initial search was a centre that provided traditional ceremonies. Due to Covid, this was not an  option. My therapist made a couple of suggestions, and I knew that  I needed to be at Greenestone, I could bring my own Anishinaabe  ceremony and healing to the beautiful land that the centre is located  on. The forest trails and closeness to water allowed for me to connect with Mother Earth and gain strength from her strength.

The privacy of the rooms and easy access to outdoor space allowed me  to use my medicines whenever I needed. The staff and other  residents were so respectful and appreciative of the healings I  shared through Anishinaabe prayers and medicines.

Choosing  Greenestone was the best decision. It transformed my life journey  and I have found some of the most beautiful and supportive friendships through the alumni program. Everyday I am so very  grateful for the gifts that recovery is giving me.

Chi-miigwetch  Greenestone for caring for me and helping me get well enough to  start this new journey.

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