New Ketamine treatment for anxiety, depression and PTSD

If you’re struggling with chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD or other mental health issues, you might have found that antidepressant medication isn’t helping as much anymore. Or maybe it stopped working altogether.

Unfortunately, this is normal with “difficult-to-treat” conditions like these. Traditional antidepressants are thought to work by boosting serotonin levels in your brain. They usually take a while to start working and, for some people with treatment-resistant conditions, they may not work at all. If this sounds like you: don’t worry. You have a new (and better) treatment option!

What if you could hit the “reset” button your brain?

Ketamine works for many people when other medications don’t. It actively rebuilds lost connectors in your brain, helping you feel better faster and relearn healthier habits. For people with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), ketamine can provide nearly instant relief of their chronic PTSD symptoms. It’s also proven effective in treatment-resistant depression (even if you suffer from bipolar depression).  There is evidence to show ketamine also works for other more severe mental health disorders.

People who receive ketamine infusions alongside intensive inpatient recovery treatment report feeling noticeably better in just 3 weeks!

Ketamine helps with chronic PTSD symptoms

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a Health Canada approved anesthetic that has been widely used in health care for over 50 years. When delivered intravenously via IV drip, is proven to repair the brain where damage has been caused by problematic substance use, chronic PTSD or other common mental health issues.

Unlike traditional medications used to treat symptoms of PTSD, ketamine works almost immediately, with many patients reporting better mood and relief in as little as 2 hours after treatment. The parts of your brain that regulate your mood and sense of well-being become stronger, creating the right “head space” for you to begin recovery.

How Ketamine therapy for depression and PTSD works

GreeneStone offers this exciting treatment alternative in partnership with Ketamine Health, a specialized integrated care team that treats PTSD symptoms and other anxiety disorders with ketamine infusions. We transport you safely and conveniently to and from your appointments, where you’ll receive a series of IV ketamine infusions over a set period of 6 weeks, using a safe and non-invasive method. The treatments take about an hour, and people often recover quickly enough to go about their day as normal.

Research shows that, within 24 hours, cognitive flexibility in increased creating opportunity for faster response to therapeutic care, thereby setting the stage for lasting recovery. Most people feel fast relief from lingering symptoms that they’ve been dealing with for a long time.

In fact, ketamine has been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms, anxiety and depression by over 50% in 8 out of 10 people!

Alongside ketamine infusion therapy, you receive one-on-one psychotherapy at GreeneStone, giving you the support you need to confront the underlying issues that are fuelling your anxiety disorder, depression or PTSD symptoms. Because intravenous ketamine promotes a positive mood and a sense of calm, your mind is then more open and receptive to the full benefits of therapy.

Ketamine supports helpful thinking and emotional responses

How rebuilding your brain relieves PTSD symptoms (and other chronic mental health issues)

Chronic anxiety, depression and mood disorders are associated with maladaptive neuronal connections that perpetuate rigid and unhelpful thinking and emotional responses.  Ketamine increases neuroplasticity to create potential for newer more adaptive neuronal connections to form that support more helpful thinking and emotional responses.  Parts of your brain that are responsible for mood-regulation have a chance to function better after ketamine infusion therapy.

In fact, ketamine has been shown to reduce suicidal thinking in those with severe major depressive disorders.

Ketamine boosts production of glutamate in your brain–a chemical messenger that helps with learning, mood regulation and memory. In essence, it’s the “juice” that fuels your recovery and helps you unlearn the things that are causing you emotional, mental and physical pain.

For survivors of sexual assault or other trauma, or for people living with addiction, this can be the key that unlocks the door to lasting recovery.

Why Choose Ketamine?

Faster than traditional medication

Traditional antidepressant medication can take months before you notice a change. Ketamine helps you feel better in hours, providing nearly instant relief for PTSD and other similar mental health conditions.

Quick and painless

Ketamine infusions take about 1 hour, and people usually recover quickly enough to continue on with their day. You don’t have to put your life on hold to enjoy the benefits of treatment.

Instantly better mood and sense of well-being

Ketamine reboots your mood, creating a feeling of wellness that makes you more receptive to the other aspects of your treatment plan. Starting recovery is hard enough without feeling terrible while you do it. Now you don’t have to!

Better results when other types of treatment aren’t working

Research shows that ketamine treatment works when other medications fail. It’s important to know that, if you’ve been living with PTSD for years, you don’t have to lose hope. You have options: talk to us about if ketamine infusions could be right for you.

Better response to therapy sessions

When your brain is healthier and happier, it creates the right environment for therapy to do its work. As your brain rebuilds itself, you’ll find that your recovery goals feel more within reach, and the symptoms you’ve been carrying around like a weight start to feel a lot lighter.

Transportation and case management are included

When you stay at with us, and choose ketamine therapy for depression and PTSD, we take care of your transportation to and from the specialized clinic. Your GreeneStone case manager will continue to oversee your ketamine treatments as part of your overall recovery plan, ensuring you always have a smooth and comfortable experience.

History of using ketamine to treat post traumatic stress disorder and treatment resistant depression

While this program is new at GreeneStone, people have been receiving ketamine to treat PTSD symptoms for years. When used as part of a holistic treatment plan, ketamine infusion therapy is proven effective where other options fail.

It’s commonly used to help military veterans, survivors of sexual assault and other traumatic events overcome obstacles to their recovery, and is a trusted treatment option provided in many health care settings.

At GreeneStone, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to help people like you reach their recovery goals. Ketamine infusions are one way we’re expanding our program options to better meet the needs of our clients who are looking for better PTSD treatment options, or just need more support during their stay with us.

Is ketamine infusion therapy safe?

Yes, ketamine treatment is completely safe when administered by a medical professional with experience treating people with PTSD and other chronic mental health conditions. The dose you’ll receive is low, and delivered painlessly using a small needle and IV drip.

Are You Eligible for ketamine therapy?

While a great option for many people, ketamine treatment isn’t right for everyone. Talk to our friendly intake counsellors to learn more about your options and how we can help. If you decide that you want to explore ketamine therapy as part of your treatment plan, we’ll work with you to create a personalized approach that works for you.

Your new life begins with a stronger, healthier brain

You don’t have to suffer in silence with the longterm effects of chronic PTSD, depressive symptoms, anxiety or other obstacles preventing you from living your best possible life. If you’re ready to hit reset on your brain, and let go of the the things that are holding you back from reaching your goals, talk to us to discuss your options.

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