Finding her own personal Breath & Fire has transformed Michelle’s life. Her inner flame, which was either a pilot light or a blazing inferno, is now a controlled blaze. She has been on her own intimate healing path of recovery since 2017 from double hip replacement surgery, addiction, grief and a marital separation which has created a deeper sense of compassion and understanding for herself. Essentially, a road to self-love. It is Michelle’s desire to create experiences for others that holds space for them to find their own Breath & Fire within life’s journey.

Over the last two decades Michelle has been a sought-after educator, speaker (TEDx) and published author/content creator. She has transformed millions of lives with her message through presentations, workshops, trainings, content creation and one-on-one and group coaching.

Michelle is a certified Recovery Coach (CCAR), mediation teacher, dance/movement specialist and soon to be certified transformational breathwork coach. She has seamlessly merged all her passions, skills, qualifications and personal experiences to create her platform at Breath & Fire to share with individuals, groups and organizations.

Michelle Hillier headshot