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How Does Green Space Help With Addiction Recovery?

May 28, 2020

Maintaining a sober, healthy life is a continual battle for many people dealing with substance use disorders. The daily ups and downs associated with managing symptoms and cravings can feel overwhelming. People often think counseling, group support and patience are the only essential ingredients for their road to recovery. However, don’t overlook the value of spending time in nature. What Is Green Space? […]

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Do I have a drinking/drug problem?

10 QUESTIONS TO ASK No one wants to admit it. It’s hard to do. But if you’re looking at this list, you’re questioning whether or not you have a drinking/drug problem. Millions of individuals find themselves faced with this question every year, so you’re not alone. Go through these questions, answer them honestly and they’ll […]

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Is Addiction a Disease?

The question is can we classify addiction as a disease or is it a harmfully repetitious choice that individuals make? Does that mean addicts and alcoholics are weak-willed? How does the distinction from choice and disease affect how a person receives treatment or recovers? Psychology and psychiatry haven’t any easy answers, and professionals are having […]

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How does Alcohol affect the Body?

The alcohol molecule is small, and this makes a big difference. It means that it can easily travel through the cells in nearly every organ in your body. The result is that when you drink, especially if you drink habitually, your entire body is affected. Alcohol makes its way to your heart, your liver, your […]

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What causes Anxiety Attacks?

You’re sitting calmly watching TV on a Saturday afternoon. Suddenly, things feel different. Something’s wrong, you think. You can’t pinpoint it but a feeling of nearby danger overwhelms you. You feel your temperature rise from warm to hot. Your heart beats faster. 90 beats per minute. 110 beats per minute. 130 beats per minute. You’re […]

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