Starting Addiction Rehab in Ontario

If you find yourself struggling with a substance use disorder, the road to recovery can seem long and winding. With the right guidance and support, it doesn’t have to be.

The first step to beginning your recovery is seeking the help and treatment you need to change your life. While the recovery journey is different for everyone, it often starts with the same basic steps. These include creating a support system, finding the right treatment plan and starting a rehabilitation program.

Finding Support

Having or creating a support system is a critical early step in your recovery process. Talk with your friends or family to inform them of your decision and ask them for help and encouragement in seeking treatment.

These conversations can seem difficult at first, but establishing a support system can help ease your burden in finding treatment and keep you accountable and committed to your recovery.

Keep in mind not everyone will be able to help you. Don’t be deterred by a “no” — just keep asking for help until you find someone who says “yes.” If you’re struggling to find a support system, consider searching for peers with similar experiences in groups online or at recovery meetings like Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous.

Selecting Addiction Rehab Facilities in Ontario

Once you’ve decided to begin treatment for your substance use disorder, consider your recovery goals and how you can achieve them. Make an appointment with your primary care physician or a therapist for help determining what the best treatment plan may be.

Treatment is never one-size-fits-all, so you’ll need to determine what will work best for your recovery. Medical professionals can give you recommendations for programs and facilities based on your specific needs and the extent of care required for your treatment.

Entering Ontario Addiction Rehab

Each rehab facility will have its own intake process at the beginning of your treatment. While these processes may vary, they usually involve an initial interview and medically assisted withdrawal management before beginning your treatment.

There’s no easy part of recovering from an addiction, but getting over the initial hurdles can set you on the right track for committing to recovery.

What to Expect When You Begin Rehab at GreeneStone Recovery Centre

GreeneStone Recovery Centre is a private rehab in Ontario providing care for people on the road to recovery. At GreeneStone, our process begins with a simple phone call. We’ll get to know you and gather information about your personal history and substance use, and we’ll provide motivation to continue seeking treatment.

After we’ve reviewed your information, we can begin the admission process. Our guests undergo medically supervised detoxification in our medical facility under the care of our 24/7 nursing staff and doctors. Clients will remain in the medical facility for a minimum of 24 hours or however long it takes to complete the withdrawal process and reach stability.

After your detox is complete, you move into a private room in our community area and begin working on your individualized treatment plan. Each guest receives a treatment strategy based on their specific needs and assessments from our experienced staff.

Compassionate care at GreeneStone is only one call or click away. Contact us online or call 1-844-955-5501 to discuss your options for treatment.

Recovery is Possible

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