Young Adult Track

GreeneStone’s Young Adult Track is geared towards 18-24-year old’s who are struggling with substance-use disorders and concurrent mental health conditions. We help these clients navigate age specific difficulties, with an emphasis on building healthy coping skills and a sustainable recovery. By combining intensive group and individualized therapy with education sessions and 1:1 coaching, this program assists these clients as they launch the next chapter of their lives in a healthy and supported way.

The Young Adult Track uses the foundation from our Primary Treatment Program with additional age-specific education sessions, a Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills group and increased structure and support. With a specific Young Adults process group, primary therapist and recovery coach, as well as a comprehensive psychiatric assessment, these clients receive consistency throughout their programming to build trust, rapport and support from their peers who are navigating similar challenges.

At GreeneStone we believe in a holistic approach to treatment. Along with the emotional and mental support these clients receive, nutritional guidance, a personal trainer assessment and program and weekly yoga and mindfulness classes are also provided.

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