Introducing Family Strength Intensive

If your loved one is going through recovery, as a parent, partner, sibling or even a close friend, you know it can take a heavy toll with unique challenges and stresses. You may find you’re ignoring your own needs in an effort to support them. But you can’t help them if you’re burnt out.

Through our new 4-day intensive program, get connected with qualified therapists and peers who are going through the same experiences. You’ll find a nurturing space to heal and recharge emotional batteries. Make sure to find time to focus on yourself, so you can is protect your mental and physical health and be at your best to support them on their journey.


The first session is scheduled to run from October 12-16. You’ll stay on-site with us in one of our well-appointed private suits, with access to nature trails, a gym, pool and meals included.

Throughout the 4 days, you’ll participate in:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Skill-building workshops
  • Educational seminars

After graduation, you’ll stay connected to a group of likeminded people who share your experiences, along with our expert team, for ongoing support when you need it.

Note: Due to the highly sensitive and intense nature of recovery, this program is not for loved ones of clients currently staying at Greenestone. This proximity can be harmful to both the client and families. If you’d like to attend the program after your loved one has graduated their recovery program, please let us know! We will contact you at that time.

Limited time offer:

Enrol in the first session of this new program at a special reduced rate! Help us shape the program for future participants with your feedback.

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